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Which way do you face the candles on a cake?

Asked by raum (13206points) September 22nd, 2021 from iPhone

Towards the person whose birthday it is? Or towards the camera?

Assuming the candles are number candles and not a bunch of single ones.

And that the camera is sitting on the opposite side of the table.

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Crap. That’s a tough one I’ll be pondering for a while.

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Because you posted to Social, we get to meander. I need to ask a question of my own—are there still candles on birthday cakes?

As we continue to struggle with the lingering pandemic, it seems that nobody would want to eat a cake that someone had blown all over. Actually, given our heightened sensitivities, it’s rather repulsive even writing those words.

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^ What’s a little spittle between family?

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Up. They are harder to light when pointed down.

Number candles are presented to the birthday person. The camera should not be across the table, but to the side of the celebrant, to get both the side of their face and the cake (with any writing) in the picture.

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@Love_my_doggie I’ve had two pandemic birthdays now (mid March, right after lockdown, and before most had their two weeks post second shot) so I will be grateful for faces around a cake and I promise to pinch the candles out!

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Well, I would turn them to the camera for the picture and then turn them back to the birthday person for blowing them out. Better be quick.

I just like regular birthday candles though, not number ones. Those big things make ugly holes in the frosting. And being creative with candle arrangements is part of the fun.

We had a birthday at my house yesterday, and we did the traditional blowing out. What’s a little exhalation among family? As far as I know, nobody around here ever got sick from it. After all the usual hugs and close conversation among family members, I don’t think cake traditions pose any extra threat

Traditions become extra important when things are weird, like now. They’re a kind of anchor.

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Wick side up.

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From the East.

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^^^ Yes, birthday candles and Torah scrolls have much in common.

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I always try to keep the burning ends up.

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Put the cake on a Lazy Susan.
Obviously an automated one.

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The burny bit faces upwards.

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I’ll get back to you and you can have your people contact my people.

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I’d say two antipodally placed number candles, so that one faces the camera, and the other faces the honoree.

If I was the honoree, a single candle placed toward the camera would be AOK.
I’m there for the cake, and the number candle is there to help the celebrants avoid any oxymoronic mistakes regarding the approximate accuracy of my numerical age. :p

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Upon further reflection, I think it would be better if the candles were centrally placed and back-to-back.

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I couldn’t care less about a camera. Of course everything faces the birthday guy or gal.

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Har har to all the jellies saying they need to be upright. :P

I’m really kind of digging @rebbel ‘s suggestion of an automated lazy Susan. Maybe @LuckyGuy can whip one up for us. :D

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@zenvelo I do sometimes like the side shot for candle-blowing action. But I prefer the straight-on to get a close up of the cake and candles.

Plus we had one of those acrylic cake toppers that said “Happy Birthday”. Which wasn’t legible from the side.

@kneesox I was hoping to show the cake to the birthday person. And then back to the camera for the moment where they blow out the candles. Because that’s my favorite cake shot. :)

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It depends on how well you know the “cake” and what your intent is.

If you recently met, then play it safe and hold the candles and don’t light them until you get consent.

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@Forever_Free My intent is to have it and eat it too.

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I’d face them in the same direction as the writing, so when you take a photo of the cake, it’s all making sense.

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@jca2 Yes, we had the numbers facing the same way as the writing. But which way would you face the cake? :)

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@raum Why do you ask how to do something and then insist on doing it wrong?. The cake isn’t for the camera or your Facebook page to show how thoughtful you are, it is for the birthday person.

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^^^ Wake up zen! Nothing is for people !!

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@zenvelo I’m not asking for people to tell me how I should do things. I’m asking because I’m curious what other people do. :)

I don’t really post pictures on Facebook. The camera and the photo are for the birthday person years from now. I’m pretty sure the birthday person knows how old they are on their birthday. :P

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