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When have you had to make a decision or take a stand on something and hold to it against strong opposition?

Asked by Jeruba (51927points) 1 month ago

Where did your conviction come from?

Were you acting alone?

What was the circumstance, and what gave you the strength to stand your ground?

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I miss “Tags as I wrote them:”. :p

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Oh hell. Well I haven’t really thought about this in years. But a number of years ago, I had a woman friend at work and we ended up getting a little to close for my comfort. We had good chemistry and worked together well. But it seems she wasn’t happy with her husband and started wanting is to be a little more than friends. Always trying to get me take her dancing after work at a little club behind where we worked and even tried to entice me to go home with her one night when her hubby was out of town, to “have a dip” in her pool. But I think she wanted another kind of “dip”. Anyway I’m a married man, I love my wife, and I don’t and never have and never will cheat. So I had to break it off. Hated doing that because I did have some feelings for her, and I think she did for for me as well. But she got over it. Nothing spectacular I suppose. But what she was wanting was just F’d up. Beautiful woman too, dammit. And sexy. But I knew what I had to do and did it..Always thought that crap was just movie shit and could never happen to me. But it did. I know I did the right thing and to this day, my wife has no clue how close she and I had gotten. But no blood no foul and I never gave in to temptation. Never even took her dancing. No religious scruples, just doing what I felt,.and still do feel, was the right thing. And I never thought I had it in me. Oh well, it wasn’t about us, there were my wife and her hubby involved too, who both would have been hurt by it too. And a human being is not a throw away item. So that’s my story. I’m still a good boy for Mamma Bear, and no regrets. Hope she stayed with her spouse as well.

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@Brian1946, I didn’t know anyone ever noticed that. Somebody or something used to mess with my tags, or they would default to a version with weird capitalization or hyphenation, and it irritated me. After a while that mostly stopped happening, but now and then I notice some presumably automatic revisions and then I go back in and add that line. The order usually changes, too, and I don’t like that either.

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Probably when I went to war with The Worst Boss In The World.
He raped a co-worker, bragged about giving employees heart attacks, and often spoke about his being a child predator.
There were a few of us who decided to end his career. We only partially succeeded. The Company protected him, but reassigned him where he would no longer have a crew working for him, and no chance of advancement.

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When I decided to pursue being a Single Mother By Choice, a story that you and many others here have heard before. It involved fighting a system that didn’t want to deal with me as a single woman, to dealing with a social structure that would praise a teenager for keeping and raising a child from an unwanted pregnancy, but censure an educated, financially secure, woman who chose to do this after a lot of thought and consideration.

Thirty plus years later, I still occasionally get criticized for that decision. <eyeroll>

@Jeruba I remember there used to be people who moderated the topics, and I think they were rather silly. Sure, get the obscene ones out, but so many times appropriate ones were dumped because the person doing that job simply hadn’t carefully read the Q.

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Just about every time I post something on Fluther.

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The main point of the tags as I understood them is to assign questions to “Just for You” so if you use your own tags instead of the created dictionary of them, it is useless for that purpose. Of course, since we don’t have “Just for you” anymore and there are so few questions, tags are pretty useless at this point.

I wrote a piece criticizing pep rallies in the high school newspaper and was vilified in the cafeteria and beaten in the halls. It was pretty scary.

Joining the Unitarian church was not something that was done in my religious siblings’ families but I wouldn’t say I was overtly criticized. Just looked down on a bit.

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My whisper doesn’t work on my phone. Tags are for the search engine so we get more people using fluther. Some tags get changed automatically, or might not appear at all if it is not recognized as a word. Some are changed by editors, but very little tag editing is being done lately. I do it once in a while, but mostly to add tags, or make a word plural. Plural so it captures searches that are both singular and plural. No need to correct the OP’s tags usually, she always puts plenty of tags and they are spelled correctly.

I’d say on fluther I’m alone or very few agreeing with me plenty of times. I stand with my convictions because what I see seems plain as day to me. Especially regarding Florida lately, when people out of state are commenting.

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[Mod says] While this is in Social, we still want the OP’s question answered. Let’s move the discussion of topics to Meta or PM, please.

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When I decided to call the police on my wife. Was the tipping point to becoming my now ex.

Much too personal to post anything more than that.

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When my 13 year old child told me he was transgender.

I quickly became a fierce Mama Bear and lost family and friends in the process, but we’re good. They didn’t deserve us.

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