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Due to all the anti-vaxxers, are we ever going to achieve herd immunity?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (22790points) September 27th, 2021

Or are we going to have to deal with Covid for many years to come?
Do we have to wait for all the anti-vaxxers to just get it and die, before we can climb out from under this damn virus?

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and that goes for both the us, and Canada.
We have a ton of these anti-vaxxers up here as well and some are getting violent, when confronted.

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I heard some of the ones down here have started to notice that they’re dying, and are now switching their perverted narrative to “the evil Democrats tricked us into avoiding getting vaccinated…”.

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. . “are we going to have to deal with Covid for many years to come”

Yes IDSA hink with Delta variant; herd immunity will require 90% vaccination rate. > >

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Sure. It’s here to stay.

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I’m not sure. I believe that we would have to take a shot every year. Like the flu shot.

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I’m afraid not. If this bunch had been around for small pox yellow fever and polio, we probably would still be dealing with those as well. Sad but true.

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I wish the Darwin Awards would put out a special edition for all the anti-vaxxers collectively, like Time Magazine sometimes does when it names a whole population as its “person of the year.”

I would also distinguish between the non-vaxxers, people who for some health reason can’t take the vaccination, and anti-vaxxers, people who have some political or superstitious reason for opposing all vaccines. Those (anti-vaxxers) are the ones who should get the award.

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I think you might be right about that ^^^ @Nomore_lockout .

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I think it is here for many years, but more treatments will come on line and the cases will eventually go way way down with outbreaks happening at times. The outbreaks will be self limiting when it hits immunity walls. My guess is fall 2022 it slows to a much duller roar, with a blip over the holidays, but comes back down fast.

That’s my bet. I should say hope.

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Yes we will. If only after all anti-vaxxers die.

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@SQUEEKY2 why do you guys have them? That can’t be because of Donald Trump, so what’s their story?

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Our right wing is almost as scary as yours, a lot of them don’t think it’s as bad as the media tells,they think the health care system has some kind of evil conspiracy plot going.

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Good grief @SQUEEKY2.

Is this going on in other countries too? Europe, the U.K., Mexico? India, Japan?? I thought it was just our fruitcakes. That really makes my heart sink.

@Zaku do you have any links for stories that say that? I mean that’s the kind of thing that gives insanity a bad name.

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@kneesox QAnon, anti-vax is in many parts of the world. QAnon and white Supremacists groups are all connected now because of social media. Western Europe, even in Japan I saw an interview with people who were sucked into QAnon.

I’ve written on fluther before that my reporter in Kenya told me some Christian leaders were preaching not to get vaccinated. Those crazy groups target the religious. My friend in Germany, her maid is Muslim and won’t get vaccinated for religious reasons. My Muslim friend in Scotland got vaccinated as soon as she could, its just the degree religiousity combined with if they get sucked into the bullshit.

It’s all over, just a matter of degree.

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I know from the news and from internet podcasts and videos, that there were Trump fans in the UK for a while, I don’t know what their ideas about vaccinations are. But I saw a video of a huge ruckus in London between Red ball cap wearing clowns and normal folks, that had to be broken up by police. This was several years ago of course, but they seem to have the same mentality as our own far right. @kneesox

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Because there are large pockets of the country where few have gotten the vaccine, we will all remain at risk.

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Learn to live with it. If you want to vaccinate every 6 months then that’s your business.( and risk ) But don’t project your fears and hate against those that don’t think the same as you do.

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^^^ It’s a pandemic ! ^^^

No fear or hate; just a killer virus.

No projection; people are dead and some people may have lifetime symptoms.

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@Tropical_Willie The title of the post says it all “Due to all the anti-vaxxers” Blame it on the others. Does it make him feel better?

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