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Have you seen this website that lists anti-vaxxers who are hospitalized or died from COVID?

Asked by JLeslie (65080points) September 27th, 2021 from iPhone

I came across it a few days ago and a friend searched my city and we found out someone we know died. She’s fairly well known where I live. She was always in our parades here. I knew her because we both took in exchange students the same year (for three weeks) so I saw her at all the events that we took the kids to.

Here’s the website:

Lots of young people. Lots of people who work in healthcare.

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I was unaware of the site, and I have conflicting emotions at the thought it exists. I feel much the same when the death of an unvaccinated person is announced on the news or when I hear about such a death from people I know. I don’t take joy in others’ suffering, but I get very mixed emotions when it was a person with a platform of some kind who used it to do harm.

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I feel like this is attepting to shame anti-vaxxers. I have found that rarely works.

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Not til now, but I think it’s kinda a sad site. :(

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Thats a sick web site, And its sad that this forum allows the posting of it!

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I have mixed emotions about it too.

I don’t think it works to change minds, because all the people I know who won’t get vaccinated always find a reason why that person died and they wouldn’t. People who are simply hesitant about the vaccine I generally think being patient has been the best policy and addressing their concerns, but people do move to get vaccinated sometimes when someone they know dies or it’s very close to home.

Legally, I’m not sure if people have a “right to privacy” when they are dead? Ethically or morally is something else.

Many of the people where I live wish they would publish at least when someone dies in our community, name or not, regardless of vaccination status, but preferably we would want to know the status, because we want to know about vaccinated people who are dying.

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I can go from pro-vaccination to fairly sympathetic to those with vaccine-hesitancy by talking to people who use “anti-vaxxxxers” and shit like this website you posted. Man, humans are fucked up.

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Extremely disrespectful site. It is interesting though to see that there are a majority under 60. That could be a skewed sample based on what the organizer wants us to see.

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A woman I know posts on Facebook every time she hears a well known anti covid vaccine person dies from COVID. People who have a lot of reach and influence, not like this website that lists anyone and everyone.

She has never been screaming at people to get their shots, never calls names, and never gets in big arguments. She posts about the deaths of these people who she feels are killing people by persuading them to risk their own lives.

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What an awful thing. It opens up the possibility of family harassment to the already bereaved.
Shame on whoever put together this site.

(Disclaimer: I didn’t open it because I won’t support such a thing as this, by the description, purports to be, by even a click. If it is not actually a list as described in the Q, then I apologize.)

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@JLeslie Isn’t the act of listing deaths due to Covid in antivaxxers in fact calling them names?
I don’t see how, at this point in Covid, listing a famous person’s death due to Covid and not getting the vaccine will change anyone’s mind.
It would feel very weird to me to be searching through death lists looking for friends I had lost touch with.
And at some point, is someone breaking HIPPA violations by posting such a list?

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Thanks for the link JLeslie. I have now visited it.

I have to say that it is the individuals choice whether to be jabbed or not. However I have to say that those who say no are being very foolish and uncaring. They obviously don’t care if their relations and loved ones catch the virus from them and they either refuse to believe how bad this virus is for anyone catching it and dying from it is one of the most terrible ways or they don’t care.

Many anti vaxxers keep quoting how many people have nasty side effects or have died from Covid and of course there are quite a few, even a few who have been double vaccinated.but the scientists are telling us that the number who die from complications are on a par with those who die after a flu jab. When we consider the millions upon millions of those who have had the vaccine and are totally safe and well I simply cannot understand why these anti vaxxers would prefer to go through hell if they catch it and are quite prepared to catch Covid and pass it on to others.

There have even being waiting outside schools and frightening the children as they leave.

They do have the right to refuse to be vaccinated but they DON’T have the right to try to coerce others especially children into not having the vaccine

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@chyna In a way, yes I guess it is calling names what she does.

This site makes me uncomfortable listing anyone and everyone, but the very famous people who were purposely using their platform and reach, sometimes for political points or money, it doesn’t bother me so much that they get mentioned in social media or any other media for that matter.

Regarding HIPAA, I think only medical professionals giving care and associated staff with access are bound by HIPAA. If someone has knowledge of someone’s medical information because of access to records of the patient, so not only at the place of care, but insurance companies, research companies using medical data, etc.

When I first saw the website I just sort of scrolled through. It was someone else who used the search and told me about the person dying who lives where I live. She searched by city. My initial reaction was just feeling badly she died. I didn’t know she was against the vaccine before that. I’m not Facebook friends with her.

I do think people against the vaccine posting on Facebook influences people. They get energy and reassurance to stick with their thought process from each other.

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I wonder if this list isn’t a hoax. How could the OP know what these people are thinking, or who they are?

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@Dutchess_III What do you mean hoax? Made up?

I can tell you the person in my city was against the vaccine. I went to her Facebook page and I didn’t need to be friends to see a lot of her posts. Maybe she has it set friends of friends? We know a lot of the same people.

I just googled and her obituary was posted today in our local newspaper.

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Obituaries don’t list the cause of death.

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@Dutchess_III So, you do mean the website might have falsehoods. That’s what you meant by hoax.

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I guess I’m just not sure who it’s for. People who believe the vaccine steals your soul and makes your dick fall off aren’t going to be convinced by this site. I guess if you want to gloat over someone’s death, it’s fun, but it’s not really for me.

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^^I’m not sure who it’s for. It says it’s in hopes people who won’t get vaccinated might change their minds. I’m sure a lot of people get some schadenfreude from knowing a vocal anti-vaxxer dying.

I’m in the middle somewhere if I’m honest. I’m not happy at all that people died, but I’m sort of apathetic and a little sad they were so foolish. I’m glad if it changes some minds.

The site kind of looks like those crazy memes though, so I wonder who the creator is. I’m suspicious of that.

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Random pictures and made up stories, most likely.

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I haven’t clicked on the site yet, but a way to test whether or not the site is accurate is to see if the name of someone you know, who died in such a way that they’d be qualified to be listed on the site, is listed on the site.

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I don’t know anyone who has died from Covid.

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@jca2 I know the woman where I live died and I know she was anti-vax. I asked a friend to confirm it was COVID, but haven’t heard back from her yet. I have no reason to think it’s false. I can’t imagine someone being vicious enough to lie about that.

We have lost a lot of Villagers recently to COVID.

@Dutchess_III You’re so lucky not to know anyone. You could be right that some listings on the website are inaccurate, but I’m betting a lot of it is accurate.

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Update: I ran into mutual friends today and they knew the woman who died much better than I do. They went to her funeral.

They had seen her at a small party less than a week before she was hospitalized. Actually, she and her husband both wound up hospitalized, but at different hospitals. The friends of hers who are in the anti-vax mode are blaming her death on going to the “wrong” hospital. Both she and her husband were not vaccinated. No one else at the party caught covid. They can’t be sure if the couple was contagious at the party though. Everyone else at the party was vaccinated.

The husband was hospitalized a few days. His wife died in less than a week of her onset of symptoms.

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