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If you used to stay away from unvaccinated (covid) people, are you still using that criteria now?

Asked by JLeslie (65197points) December 20th, 2022 from iPhone

I have friends who still feel people who are not vaccinated are more risky to be around, do you still feel that way regarding covid?

Do you think they are more risky because of their behavior, or because you think the vaccine does give some protection from catching or spreading the virus or some other reason?

The first year of the vaccines I assumed unvaccinated people also didn’t wear mask and also were not careful at all, unless they had a medical reason why they couldn’t take the shot.

Now, so many people, including vaccinated people, have decided to live life back like the old normal, I don’t think it matters much if someone is vaccinated. I do try to mostly be around people who would stay away from me if they felt sick, but I break that rule quite a bit.

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I mask up in public – - – - period !

You know there are too many dumb asses.

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I never avoided the unvaccinated and have some friends who are ‘vaccine hesitant’. I disagreed with their risk assessment. I always considered the vaccine to be safer than the virus, even when you factor in that you aren’t guaranteed to get the virus. And it’s only proven that more and more over time. I think that’s still true today even though the virus is evolving to be less dangerous and treatments are getting better.

But disagreeing with them isn’t the same as thinking they’re dangerous or stupid. The fact is mRNA vaccines are still relatively new, and while I think they were wrong, I don’t think they were unreasonable. People have always had a bias in misreading the relative risks of things, especially new things. It would be nice if there weren’t a whole lot of hucksters out there playing into their worries for cheap clicks, but I don’t blame them. I’m certainly not going to punish them in some virtue signalling effort. I’ve told them that I think they’re wrong, and tried to present the data to them…and they disagreed. C’est la vie.

Remember also that the vaccine’s main purpose is to protect YOU. The studies show the mRNA vaccines don’t make a huge difference in preventing spread (they do narrow the infectious window but it’s far from hude). The main advantage is that they reduce YOUR liklihood of contracting serious symptoms.

So why would I punish them for making a (in my opinion) bad decision that mostly impacts their own health? Like I don’t make bad health decisions as I reach for my sugary soda? I personally wish people would take the flu vaccine more than they do as well. People sleep on the flu, but it’s more dangerous than it’s reputation.

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I don’t know who has been and who hasn’t. I don’t care. It’s time talk about other things. People who want to get more shots can, but I and most people that I talk to don’t care. Get back to life. I just don’t hear anyone talking about COVID anymore. Except here.

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Thanks. I’m sick of it too @SnipSnip. Time to get back to normal.

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^^ SO agree! And then someone comes along and mentions the word covid and gets over 50 responses, right up there with the word abortion. It’s like – let’s get people riled! It’s one thing to ask a question to get more information on a topic, but just throwing it out there…pfffft

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Wait, am I the one just throwing it up there?

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^^not at all. ;)

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I never stopped masking, and I avoid most people. I have high risk people in my very small bubble and we are still taking all the Covid precautions.

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When we were still in small bubbles, these decisions mattered. But now that we are mingling with the general public, I kind of assume that I’m exposed to any and all of it.

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The question points out the divisiveness of the response to Covid. We now segregate people based on their vax status which by all rights should only be known between you and your doctor.

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@seawulf575 Actually, if you read it through, you see I don’t discriminate based on vaccination status anymore, and most people don’t.

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I don’t ask, except in cases where I will likely have some prolonged exposure, and the people I hang out with are vaxxed and boosted.

What a delightful privilege to have, to be “sick of hearing about it”. I am compromised in a number of ways, and what might be a “mild” case for some, might well hospitalize me.

If you don’t like Covid questions here, why post on them?

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@canidmajor For prolonged exposure are you assuming the vaccine makes them less likely to have covid and be contagious? Or, are you assuming you can’t trust them as much to stay home or at least stay away from you if they feel a scratch in their throat or a little congestion.

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I am right this minute sitting in my doctors office waiting on my appointment. Everyone in here is masked up and as you check in, they ask you if you have fever, coughing etc.
I am tired of covid itself, not the questions.

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@JLeslie I don’t really “assume” anything, beyond the fact that at this point, after almost three years, if someone is not vaxxed, they are likely of the attitude that they are careless about the health of others.

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@chyna I am glad they are observing that at your doctor’s office. The last time I was at my oncologist’s office, (in September) with “masks required” signs all over, some guy in the waiting room had his mask hanging off one ear. In the oncologist’s office. <eyeroll>

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I don’t think I ever actively avoided unvaccinated people. I have good friends who are unvaccinated, and I never stopped seeing them.

I got the vaccines but never got boosters and a lot of people I know never got boosters. We all believe in masks and all that, and mask up without complaint when required.

I live in NY and I shop in CT, and I hear about Covid in many places other than Fluther. All medical offices still require masks in NY and CT, as far as I know. The dentist and his staff all wear them (CT). Luckily, other than that, we’re not at the doctor too much other than our annual physicals.

I hear about Covid on TV, and among people who I am friends with all across the country, who are sick right now with Covid.

It seems kind of odd, not impossible but odd, to me to hear someone say “they only hear about Covid on Fluther, nowhere else.”

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@canidmajor If you don’t like Covid questions here, why post on them?

Why, to complain about them, of course! I’m kidding. But when someone else posted a complaint, I couldn’t help but join in.

I like and respect you a lot and I’m truly sorry you’ve been compromised. I’ll work harder on keeping my negativity to myself because I really don’t want to offend others.

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Aw, @smudges, sorry, I guess I came across a little strong, there. People like me get mocked a lot for “overreacting”, “buying into political scare-mongering”, and stuff like that. I’m as sick of all of this as everybody else is, but I have to stay aware of it more than most, and it’s exhausting. Makes me a bit crabby.

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@canidmajor You, crabby? Surely you jest! :-)

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@janbb: I never jest, and don’t call me Shirley! <ba dum chaaa!!>

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^^ <3 all you guys!

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Who is doing this segregating that you speak of @seawulf575? My husband is not vaccinated and I’ve not had anyone segregate him. Literally no one asks if I’m vaccinated.

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@JLeslie my point was that questions like this assume automatically that someone’s vaccination status should matter or that we should somehow know about it. If I were visiting with someone who has a compromised system and they wanted to know if I was sick or whatever I could understand. But if you know people that feel unvaccinated people are more risky to be around, that means that somehow they believe other people’s medical history is their business. And they are not alone in this country. The push for vaccine passports, forcing people out of jobs, having people have to prove their vax status to go into restaurants or shows during the past couple years have made people believe they have the right to know everyone’s medical history. What if we suddenly started demanding people tell us their HIV status? Or their sexual preferences? And then started a campaign to inculpate one group of people based on their answers? Would you think that is a fair thing to do? Of course you wouldn’t as it ISN’T a fair thing to do. First off…IT’S NO ONE’s BUSINESS.

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@seawulf575, you seem not to understand that there is a difference between a highly contagious, potentially fatal viral outbreak and someone’s general medical condition.
FYI, there is. One size does not fit all.

”But if you know people that feel unvaccinated people are more risky to be around, that means that somehow they believe other people’s medical history is their business.”

Their medical history is not my business, their vaccination history is. Kids can’t go to public schools without being vaccinated. Their are a number of fields of work where vaccinations are required. There are a bunch of countries you can’t visit without proof of vaccinations. Like this one.

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@canidmajor Some people don’t like facts.

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@seawulf575 You can’t catch HIV by breathing the same air.

Why is it your business if I’m in cancer treatment? Or, if I have kidney disease.

If you don’t want to state your vaccine status don’t. If the person who wants to know your status will only be around vaccinated people then they can choose not to be near you, or only deal with you if they have a mask on or whatever makes them confortable.

I’m not comfortable near anyone right now. So many people are sick, and I don’t trust most people. I was just with two people today who looked like they might be sick, I hope I didn’t catch anything. I’m tired of it. Not tired of covid, tired of sick people not giving a shit. Most older adults are rarely sick, it’s really not that inconvenient to stay home for a week.

I don’t care if someone is vaccinated. You’ve had covid twice, to me that’s vaccinated. I care if you try to shake my hand, stand too close to me when you’re talking into my face, or if you’re starting to feel under the weather and still come to my party.

Some people still think vaccinated people are safer to be around, that makes them feel safer, each person has their thing.

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Ahhhh… to all of you it’s a matter of the disease. But the idea of your privacy doesn’t care. Either you should be entitled to that privacy or not. And to the answer that this is highly contagious, let me point out the FACT that the vaccines neither protect you from getting the disease nor spreading it. So to have a discriminatory view of those unvaxxed is still wrong. And let’s say that you had a vaccine that actually did protect you from getting or spreading the disease. If you were already vaxxed, what does it matter if anyone else is or not? And @canidmajor two points. My vaccination history is part of my medical history. Again, noneyabusiness. And needing to be vaccinated is a requirement for entering this country except for the millions that have come here illegally. That isn’t a problem.

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I get it finally. Wulfie doesn’t care about public health or the public good. He is an island entire of himself. There’s no point arguing with an island.

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@janbb You hit it on the head. I am glad that that island is far from my shores.

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@seawulf575 Wow, you really made a mountain out of a molehill with my Q. At this point I don’t think most people ask about vax status, so don’t worry about it.

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