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What type of coffee cup do you prefer?

Asked by Ltryptophan (11280points) 1 week ago from iPhone

Do you have a favorite mug, or cup?

What’s the best serving-ware for your carefully made coffee?

Personally, I think the shape of the edge of the cup makes the experience.

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Just a plain old coffee cup. But anything will do in a pinch. And my wife recently bought me a Yeti thermos for work, keeps my coffee hot all night. Works great, for cold beverages as well

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Coffee should always be drunk in a glass

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I don’t drink coffee, but for hot beverages (hot chocolate or tea) I like a mug big enough in circumference that it feels like it won’t tip easily, but narrow enough that the liquid doesn’t cool off too quickly. Also, too wide and the liquid is too spread out across the rim. 3.25 – 3.5 inches is good. I like it to hold around 12–14 ounces.

I have some tea cups, but never use them, but I do like having a saucer even for a mug sometimes. A place to put a spoon or a cookie and it protects the table.

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I have a favorite cup, and a favorite mug from a local potter, and several other cups and mugs I like a lot. I usually use the cup for the fresh-brewed coffee, sometimes switching to the mug, or sometimes another cup or mug, for colder or older coffee.

(If someone likes these, I can point them where to get their own. ;-) )

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These mugs have many different properties that affect the coffee.

Some retain heat or even add heat. Some are glazed smooth, some are matte stoneware. Some have thick edges, and others have almost paper thin edges.

The metallic insulated mugs give a twinge of metallic taste.

There are many mug makers that create excellent mugs that are not at all like drinking from any old $5 coffee mug.

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I like a mug that is tall and thin and about 12 oz; the coffee stays hot longer. I also require a curved lip; otherwise my own lip gets burned.

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Mine is hand thrown, 12 oz., straight sides that curve in at bottom. Handle is large enough for two fingers and a comfortable spot below for a third. It has a cream-colored glaze mottled with pale blue. I like the way the curved bottom sits in my hand. it is better than most at keeping coffee hot.

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