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Are you suddenly getting many spam emails with only a name and no subject?

Asked by LuckyGuy (40185points) 1 month ago

The name is different every time and the email address is some string of letters at Of course, I do not open these because we know there is a link hidden inside that would cause problems. I mark it spam and move on.
What I find surprising is they make it through my yahoo spam filter.

Are you seeing emails from, for example, Hanah Tan (No Subject) ? Obviously don’t open it!

Also don’t open the link from Amazon saying you won a gift card.
And your Paypal account has been suspended.

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I have been getting a lot of text spam lately. It’s usually in a group text with me and 15 or 20 others. What’s really annoying is about half of those people text back angry texts telling the sender to stop. So I then get 15 more texts!
I haven’t noticed an uptick in spam email though.

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Yes, one name spam mail here too, in my Gmail.

Dori Hubright (no subject)
Kaisa Giesler (no subject)
Maude Woodyard (no subject)
And two more.
Started October 7rd.

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All spam, usually with a PDF of a naked (or almost naked) woman.

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I haven’t been getting those recently, no.

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@rebbel We must be on the same list!
I have not gone near the link! I hope you haven’t as well!

I don’t understand why these get throgh the spam filter? Why hasn’t google stopped it?

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Yeah, @LuckyGuy, we must.
I heard especially handsome, sympathetic men are targeted.
Makes you wonder then, right?! ~

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I got one from Melissa Mercuri today. She must think I am intelligent, too.

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But is she pretty?

I agree with your earlier question – why can’t the various spam filters detect these?

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