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What is the cause of these symptoms?

Asked by User1234 (1points) 1 month ago

Recently I have been feeling very ill, beginning with a sore throat and a headache with pressure behind the eyes. Then there was a lot of body aches, a fever as well. However, it happened very suddenly.

Also, about a week before this, my neck broke out into a itchy rash, and my arms are also a little strange, with small red dots appearing that were also itchy. I had not gotten a flu shot this year, so mainly I think it could be the flu (have got the vaccine for COVID, but still need to get tested). Is the rash unrelated, or is it possible it is related?

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Sounds more like covid than flu. Flu almost always has a high fever and sinus pressure is rare. Covid is know for sinus pressure and fever is not always observed.

Get a test if you want to know.

There is some reports of a covid rash. The rash also might be unrelated and some sort of allergic reaction.

Measles has a high fever usually. Chicken Pox is very itchy.

No one here can really guess what you have.

Stay away from others, wear a mask. Call your doctor and/or get a covid test. Whether you are positive or negative for covid you need to treat your rash probably.

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I am sorry to have to say this User1234 but this question should not be asked on a general question and answer site because it is doubtful that any subscriber can give you a proper answer.

Even if there are qualified medics or doctors here they still would not be able to diagnose you without an examination an/or tests.

You must agree that the sensible thing to do is to contact your surgery and get a proper diagnosis and treatment.

You don’t know but it may be contagious but please don’t fret about it being Covid until or unless it is diagnosed by a doctor.

Good luck

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I am really sorry that you have to go through his but your need to get tested for Covid ASAP. it sounds like you’ve got it.

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