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What do you think of this Dungeons and Dragons commercial?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19628points) 1 month ago

Dungeons & Dragons cartoon becomes live-action commercial (English) (HD)#1

I love it, and hope that they will make a movie or video series to continue with necro-remaking good videos from our childhood.

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It already was ridiculous, and then it turned into a Renault, createur d’automobiles™, advertisement.

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Renault trying to be hip and cool (possibly failing majorly).
Can’t see the D&D fans to like it much either.
The ad in itself I think is quite lame, simple.
(Did I see Smaug, Bilbo, and the cop from Terminator 2 starring in it?)

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Is that D&D, or is it just a barrage of cliche`? I dislike D&D so much (in preference to other role-playing games that make much more sense to me) that I can’t tell. (P.S. Oh, I see from a comment that it is about some D&D TV show from the 80’s I never watched. They wrote: “I surely remember this series from the mid-‘80s…”)

So much money and technology used to make an annoying commercial. What’s it trying to do? Make Renault seem exciting to… bad action-movie fans? Maybe parents who don’t really understand their kids’ roleplaying, video game, and movie tastes – that seems most likely.

I slightly like the implication that the My Pretty Pony is actually a demonic mounted police officer.

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Clearly the point of the ad is that the Renault Outsider™ is the perfect family vehicle to pick up your mentally disabled children from their special needs school.

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