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Anyone in a long distance relationship?

Asked by bladerunner9081 (4points) September 14th, 2008

How’s it going? How often do you get to see each other? How about those transitions of coming and going from each other’s worlds?

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Mine was somewhat long distance, but only about 50 miles. We saw each other twice a week. I assume yours is much longer distance? It wasn’t a huge problem, the coming and going. We talked on the phone often, and on skype. Webcams are really good. Its much more personal to see each other’s faces.

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She’s in Lincoln, NE. I’m in Albany, NY. We’ve been “together” since June of 2004. We talk online and/or on the phone every day. We spend a week or so together on vacation each year. Other than those trips, we’ve been together in person once for a week when I was moving back to New York from Idaho and I dropped in on her for a visit. She just got a much better job, so we’ll be able to see each other a little more often than once a year for a week, but it still won’t be much. But it works for us.

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Hey, Charybdys and MacBean. Thanks for getting back to me.

She lives near Post Falls, Idaho, and I’m in Caldwell, Idaho, about 400 miles apart. We get to see each other 2 to 3 times a month (building some serious frequent flier miles with Southwest). We email several times a day and talk every two or three days or so. Her son is a soph. in High school. Mine is finishing his senior year here in Caldwell. We plan on being together when her son is done with HS and off to college.

Sounds like you both have or had very different situations. The transition times were/are ok though, for both of you? The tough part seems to be her transitioning time, sometimes it takes several hours for her to feel comfortable, even more so when I go to see her. I’ve also noticed it sometimes when we talk on the phone.

Good tip on the webcam/online communication. That might help.

MacBean, where did you live in Idaho?

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I was in Lewiston.

re: transition times—We don’t really have problems with that at all. The second we’re in each other’s company physically, it’s like we just saw each other yesterday. I suppose sometimes we have a tiny bit of an issue warming up through IMs/phone conversations for a couple of days after we’re each back in our separate houses, because we miss each other and are sad that we’re apart again. We really like being together, we just don’t need it like a lot of (most?) people.

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I don’t know how “long” a distance has to be to qualify as long distance. My new girlfriend and I are 2 hours apart. Like MacBean, I’m near Albany, NY, and she’s in north western Massachusetts. We knew each other in High School (graduated in 1997), but hadn’t spoken since. We reconnected thanks to Facebook, and we’ve been dating for about 2 months or so. So far, so good, I guess. It is a bit obnoxious that we can’t just see each other whenever we want. We have to settle for talking via phone or IM most every night, and plan what weekends we can visit each other.

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I have been in a long distance (50 miles or so) relationship for a little more than six months. So far, it’s working out amazingly. We spend just about every weekend with each other and if we can manage it, a day during the week. We respect each others space. Most of all, we realize that without separateness there is no togetherness.

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