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If you did some goofy, impulse, online shopping during the first year of the pandemic, what is your favorite item?

Asked by canidmajor (18645points) 3 weeks ago

I ordered a lot of stuff online during 2020 after March 15. Mostly it was useful stuff, non-perishable foodstuffs, some clothing that I would have bought anyway, some “really, did I order that “ stuff…and a 20 bottle wine rack. I won’t drink 20 bottles of wine in a year, it was an absolute silly impulse buy. Turns out, I’m delighted. I still don’t drink very much, but having a bunch of things to try is fun, and now that so many of us are vaxxed and being social again, I always have something to bring to a dinner. I am surprised that that is the goofy purchase I am happy about.

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Nothing goofy, but we got a new living room set.

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Let me get back to you after I’ve checked my order list from my online shops.
Be a minute.

A posture corrector for my girlfriend; she didn’t like it, because it didn’t fit well.
It was too tight in her armpits.
We gave it too her niece, but I don’t think she used it (at least we have not heard of her since, about it).

A handheld, bladeless fan, for on the beach (or wherever you are where it’s freaking hot).
Used it to show it to my girlfriend, but she thought it was ridiculous.
I’ve used it a couple of times on one of our cats, to see whether she liked it or not.
She didn’t.

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I just looked at my Amazon orders and the first things I ordered a few weeks after the shutdown were paint by numbers kits and tea tree essential oil.

My plan with the oil was I was going to make hand sanitizer. I had little bottles from Walmart that I bought right before the shutdown, and I was going to put oil and whatever else in it. I had no plans to sell it, I was going to give it away to friends and keep some myself, because at the beginning of the pandemic it was impossible to find hand sanitizer.

I have no idea where the paint by numbers kits are. I often get ideas for crafts at home and then I move on to the next idea – kind of like ADHD for crafts.

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We got a new living room set also.

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Purchased 14 inch by 18 inch Cross Stich kits ( Woodland Castle) to work on cold winterdays and nights.( plan on doing that this winter)

Have just a few lines done and put it away until now to work on as snow is comming soon enough.

Purchased a Paint by number set also big. To do on winter cold days ..looked it over and realized how tiny some parts are to paint!

For those parts will have to use a magnifier..think Iwill save my eyes until bored to death enought to work on it.

Purchased various books, subjects online and had read quite a few books in a short period of time 29 and counting.

Finished them all but got bored of that and took online courses on POP Up books to make .
( don’t have all the materials that I am suppossed to purchse on my own..but that course is permanentlyon my computer ( link) so no problem will get to it eventually.

Took another online course on writing ..found it interesting but nothing that I already knew anyways.

Took up how to sketch and watercolur paint ..bought supplies and did some already.

Bought an Acrylic paint set and started paiting that..entered a Mural Mosaics ( Global Roots) project where one purcased a 6 inch square canvas and Easel to paint by Nov 30/2021

..finished that and submitted a digital photograph ( as instructed) to be placed into a Regional Mural in 2022 ( spring). Was Fun to do and many more projects worldwide next year as I missed those ones .

I like to keep busy working on interests which I like to try first and continue to make use of them.

Picked up Puzzles at the beginning of March 2020 at a thrift shop and completed several large puzzles….almost felt like I was going blind so stopped doing that to rest my eyes.

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I didn’t do anything goofy. I did buy TOTO SW2043R#01 C200 Electronic Bidet Toilet Cleansing Water, Heated Seat, Deodorizer, Warm Air Dryer, and PREMIST, Round, Cotton White and love it!!!

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Nothing goofy.

I don’t like buying online usually, but I gave it a try a few times because of covid. I bought a bunch of Michigan State University clothing. I returned two items out of 9. I think it was 9 total unless I’m forgetting something. It was two separate orders. Pajamas, tank tops, a t-shirt, and long sleeve t-shirts. Had to return slippers, can you imagine they were uncomfortable? Also, a long sleeve top.

I bought new dance sneakers with a split sole. The exact pair I owned, but mine were 5 years old. I bought the exact same model number and size. They didn’t fit! I had to exchange them to get the right size. Pain in the neck ordering through the mail for this very reason. I hate the return part. I actually wound up with my usual size, when I bought them 5 years before they ran small. I guess they corrected it.

I ordered another pair of shoes that need to be fixed. So annoying, but I love them.

I also ordered through a friend/ex-coworker at Bloomingdale’s some make-up and bras. I would do it again, because I knew exactly what I wanted.

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You guys are no fun. I wanted goofy impulse buys (@rebbel comes closest) not just what you bought during lockdown.

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Dinosaur toys / models. Maybe around 20 or a bit more. Posed them individually and in groups on top of dressers, dining table and outside as well by a stream.

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I bought a mobile air conditioner for 500€.
I do not regret that purchase, because it got really hot during summer these past years.
Thanks, obama.

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@mazingerz88, bring over your dinos, we’ll pose them on my racked wine. :-)

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I bought an infrared forehead thermometer about a year ago. I haven’t even opened the box yet.

I’ve had my forehead temp measured twice, and the result was 97.somethingº both times.

Either those things are inaccurate by about -1º, or I’m cooler than a normal human. My guess is the former, and there’s some thermal dissipation from the forehead surface to the sensor.

I have no problem conceding that @mazingerz88‘s dinosaur purchases are goofier than mine. Dude, is posing them the only thing that you’ve done with them? If I had such a collection, I think I would have surrendered to my testosterone-driven juvenile impulses and had a triceratops goring a T-rex.

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@Brian1946 I run at 96.4 to 97.8!

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@Brian1946 Didn’t do a triceratops goring a T-rex but I did a Spinosaurus and two T-rexes getting ready to pounce on a lone styracosaurus.

Did a lot of realistic as well as silly non-realistic poses. I posted them in internet groups where hundreds of other dino model collectors post their own pics. A few posters were really amazingly great photographers
and diorama builders. I had no idea dino model photography is a thing.

If there was no pandemic and I didn’t have to stay indoors my long buried fascination with dinosaurs as a kid would not have resurfaced at all in the form of dino model collecting. The overall experience felt….yeah, goofy. Imagine a middle-age guy with a camera, tripod and a backpack loaded with dino models taking dino pics at a nearby creek.

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I did buy an Iron Maiden jigsaw puzzle on impulse because I have never seen a puzzle made from classic album covers before.. It’s still in the box for a rainy day. When I got it I had plenty of time for things like that but I don’t now.

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The SO and I typically travel a few times a year, and that has been a non-starter since COVID. Since we don’t have a vehicle, and don’t want to risk walking down to the market, most our purchases have been made online.

The goofiest order was placed by my partner. Inspired by our trip to Hong Kong a few years ago, he ordered a boatload of food/condiment supplies from an Asian food website. Surprisingly, almost all of the items have been a pleasant surprise. The one dismal failure has been tins of squid in ink.

The most fun has come from a sushi-making kit. The first few batches turned out tasty, yet it will take practice to master the skill of its visual appeal. This also led to purchasing a rice steamer. With it, in addition to the sushi rice, we’ve made congee, which is a common Chinese rice breakfast dish.

Oh, and the Asian order included a bag of dried fenugreek leaves the size of a bed pillow. It may take 10 years to work our way through it, but it has been a successful purchase so far.

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@Pied_Pfeffer Three cheers for your partner’s creative ordering! A terrific surprise and set of cooking projects! As soon as we can travel again, I’ll bring the wine! :-)

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@canidmajor You are welcome anytime. We have a guest room. I would enjoy cooking for you. And English wine is dire.

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@Pied_Pfeffer, well, I have lots to choose from these days!

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Ed Wood DVD collection box set

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@rockfan Seriously goofy indeed!!

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Inflatable costumes!

Fun for Halloween. But even better for your average Wednesday. :P

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I ordered a kotatsu and a couple seats for it. It was so nice to have that warming me up in the winter and it gave me a comfortable spot to study. It was sometimes TOO cozy though.

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