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Who would like to join me in congratulating our middle-Asian Mafioso, for her ascension to the second floor?

Asked by Brian1946 (28547points) 1 week ago

I’m so happy that I’m the one who gets to host Mimi’s party! :D

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Congrats to @Mimishu1995!

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Congratulations @Mimishu1995. So good to have you here and your point of view. Party time!

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Congratulations!! I’m really glad we finally got to chat a few times this year. You are a bright and brave woman, very admirable. I love that you aren’t afraid to ask hard questions. :D

Sweet post @Brian1946

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Congratulations Mimishu! We’ve seen you grow up right before our eyes.

I’m making banh mhi for the party.

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Nice going, Mimi! Hurray, well done.

I see you shaved your mustache since Halloween. Also lost an eyepatch. Glad you’re here in any guise. I’m always happy to see your avatar.

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KowaBUNga! Congrats! Welcome to the BIG TIME! (Well, er, bigger time…)

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Mazeltov! Great googlie wooglie! WTG!
While you are looking around the mansion, let us know if you find someone wandering around.
We kind of misplaced @raum.

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Congrats! Much-deserved for a great jelly with many excellent contributions and unique perspectives.

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I really appreciate you Mimi.

I get in my head a lot and hit walls, but you have helped me quite a bit. It helps me to get un-stuck.

Congrats !

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Thank you everyone! I still can’t believe I have stayed here for so long. Fluther has meant a lot to me. It’s a safe space where I can express my thought and curiosity without fear of being shut down. It’s a place where I met people who I can truly call “friends”. It’s also where I learn so many useful skills like civil debate and critical thinking. Fluther has been a big aid for me growing up. I can’t express how much I’m grateful to find this site.

Thanks everyone who comes to my party :) And I’m so happy that one of my favorite jellies is hosting my party :D


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Wow, threatening the guests at your own party- this is why you’re the world’s BEST criminal! ;-o

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Who hosted your 10K party?

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@Brian1946 I don’t remember. Was that EC?

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Congratulations, @Mimishu1995! So happy for your presence here and fun contributions. I appreciate your fun posts and I’m grateful for your friendship.

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I don’t think it was EC.

I checked his greatest questions, and unless it got less than 6 GAs, he wasn’t the OP.

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@Brian1946 or maybe it was Adi?

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I miss Adi.

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@chyna yeah… He has a special place in my heart. He was the person who motivated me to end my abusive friendship. I owed him a lot.

@janbb where is the banh mi you promised? :)

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Nice @Mimishu1995. Congrats on 20k!

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20Kongratulations @Mimishu1995. Your view of things is always interesting.

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Hope you love the 20k mansion.

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@KRD I enjoy it so far. It’s much bigger than the 10k mansion, and everything is laced with silver instead of copper. What I like the most is the vast space in my bedroom where I can display my machine gun collection :P

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Nice guns Mimi!

slips a $100 under your door

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Hey @Mimishu1995 ! Congrats on the well deserved 20k! You’ve earned that lurve at least10 times over!
Your insights and points of view truly add color to the pond.
Thank you for staying and sharing your thoughts with us.
One of these days. we’ll have a Flutherfest in your neighborhood!

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@Brian1946 I know I could rely on you for sleuthing!

Hey, maybe join my family? We have a lot of money for you :)

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@SergeantQueen <gladly take the money>

@LuckyGuy Thank you too for your help when I was still new. And yes I dream of a day when I can have a party in my neighborhood too!

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What a sweet invitation, @Brian1946.

Congratulations, Mimi, longtime and lovely Jelly.

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“Hey, maybe join my family? We have a lot of money for you. :)”

Ya want I should go lean on some of your “clients”? :p

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Congrats to @Mimishu1995!! You deserve all the best things. You’re an amazing person and a fabulous Jelly. We would not be us without you!!

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@cookieman Thank you :) May I give you a hug?

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@Mimishu1995: Absolutely! ::raises arms::

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Wow, great feat, 20k!
Especially in today’s Fluther, with just a small group of members.
Well done, and congrats!!

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I often wonder why there isn’t a lot of people often talking besides us.

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@KRD I’m not sure I understand. Who is us?

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@Hawaii_Jake I mean us as in everyone who visits Fluther everyday and who we all know.

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@KRD Got it. We are a small bunch, but we’ve made a very good community. I’ve made real friends here and have met some of them in real life. I haven’t done that with other websites.

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@Brian1946 ah yes… An important moment of history…

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Congrats @Mimishu1995! I enjoy reading your posts – they tell me you put a lot of thought into them.

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