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Help me find out the name of this rap song?

Asked by generalspecific (1874points) September 14th, 2008

I randomly heard this song and I thought it was funny but I can’t remember the exact lyrics. I think it might be sort of R&B/rap sounding and it’s a guy talking about how he’s sleeping with this girl but she’s married to this other guy or whatever, they’re just for messing around.
And the only lyrics I remember was this part where he says something about did you show your guy that new trick how you taught (?) to smoke a cancer stick…
Something like that. But me and my friend are trying to figure out what it is so help would be appreciated.

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Wow…up until the lyrics, sounded like you were describing about 98% of the rap songs out there…

Sorry I couldn’t be of much help. I’m old-skool and into hip-hop.

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is it new? Sounds like OPP without the cancer stick.

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For the record, so you don’t have to ask the collective next time you want to find a song, all I did to find this answer was google lyrics new trick cancer stick. You don’t need to know many lyrics or even the exact ones in order to find what you want.

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well i did google it.. but, i dunno i guess i didn’t think that was it. but it is now that i read the rest of the lyrics.
thanks anyway.

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You know,there was one back in the seventies the lead singer kinda sound like Marv Albert.
Does the intro goes “We figured (hacking cough) you’d be here” ? Then it goes “We got a fella
in the group. Sugar Bear is what we call him. Here he sits puffing on his cancer stick” Is that
the one you’re thinking about? I got it ! It’s by the Youth Of America.

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