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Did you fix or eat a turkey for Thanksgiving?

Asked by King_Galaxius (348points) November 26th, 2021

Did you eat turkey during the Thanksgiving 2021 holidays?

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Fix a turkey? Get a cook book and follow the directions.
Eat a turkey? Sandwiches.
I cook my turkey tomorrow, Saturday, Nov. 27, 2021. Because I had to work on Thursday.

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Trader Joe’s vegan roast.

We also had a very small turkey for the meat eaters. :)

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^^^ Hello there, my fellow vegan! I spent Thanksgiving alone; it was my choice, because my mother passed away a year ago, and I wanted to keep my day simple and let myself miss and long for her.

I bought a vegan mushroom-spinach-potato quiche, along with 6 vegan doughnuts, from my city’s only vegan restaurant. I froze half the doughnuts, but I’ve been gradually eating the rest of my indulgence. Yeah, a few naughty, caloric days, which I’m thoroughly enjoying without guilt or regrets.

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I went to the house of a very good friend. They cooked the turkey, and it looked gorgeous. I’m a vegetarian, so I ate everything else. I cooked a sweet potato dish that turned out really well, and I took a pumpkin pie that was adequate. There were roasted veggies and heavenly mashed potatoes and stuffing from the bird plus a pan of dressing for the vegetarians and macaroni and cheese from scratch. It was a thoroughly good day. I am still smiling thinking of the day.

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@Love_my_doggie – Sounds delicious. We did vegan sweet potato casserole, vegan mac and cheese, vegan mashed potatoes and gravy, vegan pumpkin pie, and vegan chocolate raspberry torte. It was a mixed crowd (vegan and not) and everyone enjoyed.

My daughter and mother-in-law were the only official vegans, although I lean that way when given the opportunity.

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My husband fixed the turkey, dressing, cranberry relish, green bean casserole and gravy. I fixed the mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, deviled eggs and pumpkin pie.

My two adult sons who live in Illinois brought my 87 year old father up to Wisconsin to spend the day with us. I haven’t seen my father since March 2020. I had the best Thanksgiving ever.

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I smoked a turkey on our Webber. Took 4½ hours.

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I had Omaha Steaks deliver a turkey breast, lobster bisque, lobster grilled cheese sandwich hors d’oeuvres, and a pecan pie. I fixed store-bought mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, those flaky biscuits where you can peel them layer by layer, and vanilla ice cream. Store was out of cranberry sauce, but overall, a very good meal.

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Yes we did. We’ve been experimenting with brining and spatchcocking chicken lately, and it worked out very well when applied to the turkey.

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Both. My son and I grilled some turkey breasts out in the yard Wed. night, and then my wife baked one indoors on Thanksgiving Day. Had a ham as well.

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No, I am a vegetarian. I did have Trader Joe’s vegan alternative Thanksgiving loaf though, and it was really good.

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I prepare, roast, and carve the turkey every year for Thanksgiving. 23 turkeys and counting.

This year, we had a 27-pounder, fresh from a nearby turkey farm.

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We had 19 people gather at my daughter’s house. Her husband made a turkey in his Traeger. My wife made one in the oven, and my daughter’s sister-in-law made one at home, and brought it.
Lots of food, lots of left-overs

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No. We actually planned an Italian dinner but changed it to barbequed pork with sausage dressing and veggies. Wonderful!

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I went to a private club in NYC with family and they had a really great buffet. They had a raw bar with snow crab legs, shrimp, clams, oysters, and a whole lot of vegetarian cold salads and then ham and turkey and sides for that. I had turkey breast and it was soooo good. The cranberry sauce had oranges in it, and that was really great as well. There were two tables of desserts – a really good pear/cranberry tart, creme brulee, all kinds of puddings, cakes and pies and pastries. It was a great day. I’m thinking about that turkey now and wishing that i had some.

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Ham on Thursday, turkey on Friday. Today a cheesy mix of the leftovers in a hashbrown crockpot meal.

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No, but I saw some live wild turkeys.

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A local meal delivery for shut in and poor brought my dinner. Yes, there was turkey. It was a scaled back menu, but appreciated.

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Almost always. In years past, pre children, when it was just me and my husband, we picked up 2 Cornish game hens.

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