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Can you eat the shells from shrimp?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19822points) 2 weeks ago

I saw a video on YouTube with the guy eating the whole fried breaded shrimp, and I was wondering if I could too?

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Yes, I know a couple of people that would eat shells and all ! But breaded shrimp is usually without the shell.

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@Tropical_Willie I just called (pizza 73), and asked them how to eat their shrimp, and they said to just eat the meat. Also not to eat the tails.

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Seriously I know several people that eat “peel and eat” shrimp; shell and all !

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(Why would you _want to?)_

I imagine it’s also possible for some people who are not used to eating shrimp tails and/or shells, to get some un-chewed tail bits stuck in their esophagus and/or other inconvenient places . . .

Hey, since web searches seem so challenging for some people, how about I check . . .

Hey, look:

“If you are not careful, eating shrimp can cause you to choke. If this happens, the skin and tail of the shrimp can injure and clog the respiratory tract. To prevent this, make sure the shrimp you eat is clean of these parts.”

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When peeling shrimp, can the shells (hard casing) be used for anything? Recycled? Ground up? Is there anything that can be reused?

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Maybe a fertilizer for house plants since there is a product made of fish leftovers ground up for that reason.

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When I was in Tokyo a friend took me to a bar that served shrimp deep fat fried and salted for a bar snack. They simply took the whole shrimp (head, tails, legs, etc.) deep fat fried them with a little salt (like french fries, and they were excellent. I have no ides what they called them but they were great. the shells were crunchy like potato chips.

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Fried shrimp don’t have shells.
Once, as a kid, I ate the tails.

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