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Do you sometimes fantasise about living in the woods?

Asked by ragingloli (49946points) January 16th, 2022

Where you go into the forest, build a crude little hut from branches and twigs, and then just live there?
With a sense of rustic coziness.

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Not so much living in the woods, but camping in the woods for two or three days, yeah. Maybe near a small stream where I could get some good fishing in.

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I live in a forest on the side of a volcano. I am told the fishing nearby is good.
I fantasize about living in a metropolis.

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I wouldn’t mind having a cabin in the woods. I could go there on the weekends. Indoor plumbing is required. I’m the kind of gay who doesn’t camp.

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Not in a hut. I’d love to have a small second home in the woods that I could escape to. Could be a log cabin or mini house of some sort, but I’d want the basics that I’m accustomed to like hot and cold running water, electricity, and cozy heat and AC when I need it. Being off the grid would be really cool though. Solar for electric or some other green living.

My house in Tennessee was in the woods, but not deep in the woods. My backyard had a lawn, but then surrounded by woods. It was the most tranquil backyard I’ve ever had.

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Not since I was a child. I planned for a while how to run away from home. I thought I could dig out a cubby on our farm near the roots of a tree which grew over a small drop. I thought if I stayed there for a while, so they would not find any clues leading them to me, then leave the area after people stop thinking about looking for the runaway kid.

Nowadays being away from ready resources is no dream for me.

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Not live in the woods but hike only.
If one has a fantasy of living in the woods I say go on a vactaion in a cabin in the woods and soon that fantasy becomes more realistic with bugs,wild animals,survival,and chores to cut wood and start a fire in the fireplace or outdoor in order to keep warm, have light,and cook food.
Survival skills a must.

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I’d have to be warm to maintain a “rustic coziness”. Not a cold weather fan. But I have seen a couple of different survival videos, where two different guys were out in the woods in cold weather. They both built basic shelters made of tree boughs, then built a fire between the shelter and a rock outcropping. Seems doable because the fire just radiates off of the rock and back in to the shelter. One dude took his coat off and was playing solitaire in his shelter and looked warm enough. The other guy had to get out of the shelter and sit out by the fire to get a bit COOLER, because it was too warm in the shelter. So maybe in the right conditions I could make it like that for a day or two with minimal equipment.

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Not a hut, but a nice little rustic cabin with a functional kitchen, and indoor plumbing, electricity and heat would be wonderful.

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Not into the woods, exclusively, but I do daydream about being a hermit someplace, maybe out in the countryside, maybe in a cave, maybe in a tree…maybe in a hidden room in the castle. Maybe as one of those ornamental hermits that the British gentry used to keep on their country estates.

Maybe as a witch in a hut on a cliff above the sea, where young lovers might come to exchange their treasures for potions to gain their desires. Maybe just as an old woman on an ordinary, nondescript street on one U.S. coast or the other who lets people think she’s deaf so she doesn’t have to talk to anybody.

I do like the rustic coziness part. That actually has more appeal than a chilly old cave. Especially if I get a cat in the bargain.

Oh, and a cauldron.

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Curiously, 6 out of 9 responses above begin with “not.”

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@Jeruba Luckily this is the 21st Century. A few centuries back, and you’d be getting a visit from the Officers of the Inquisition. ; ) All that talk about cauldrons and cats.

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Not really. I think I am getting too old for that. I love the woods but don’t want to intrude upon them with a house.

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I like the thought of living where I have no or little contact with other people. I’m thinking of a piece of property where the neighbors are off in the distance and they can’t see me and I can’t see them, and I’m kind of snowed in or just hanging out by myself. When I say “myself,” I am thinking of course that my daughter would be included in the space, but not necessarily anybody else. I’m thinking of warm blankets and tea and books and no obligations.

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No way. I like nature, but from a distance. Like, waaayyyy over there.

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Yes, but more in the “hermit” sense that @Jeruba describes, as opposed to roughing it in the woods. I fantasize about having a Walden-like retreat that is firmly in the woods but not too far removed from civilization.

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No. There are bugs.

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I used to backpack regularly and I miss it. A through hike of the A.T. is on my bucket list but I don’t see that happening before I’m too old and feeble to pull it off. My wife hates it so that’s the main reason I don’t go for more than a couple of nights a few times a year now.

To go full on rustic it would take several trips to and from civilization to get things set up for more long-term living. You would need a small cabin or dugout and a wood cook stove would be mandatory in colder weather. It would be fun to visit but not live there. Outdoors are meant to be explored and the best way is to be nomadic. That’s why I’d love an A.T. through hike.

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*Appalachian Trail

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Ever since I was a child watching Grizzly Adams. I’m too old and love my comforts now but I love watching Alone and other tv shows.

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Sometimes I fantasize about being a hermit. Though I never fantasize about being without modern plumbing for long periods of time. :P

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@KNOWITALL have you ever read My Side Of The Mountain? The target reader is children, but it is a fun story.

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@Patty I don’t think I have, I’ll look it up.Thanks.

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Yes, but I’d only do it if it included some lupine lovin’! ;-0

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