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What is the difference between drinking these two drinks (detail in description)

Asked by SergeantQueen (12382points) January 17th, 2022

Because I don’t want to confuse the title with too many numbers.

I drank an 8% Seagrams drink and a 4.5% Jack Daniels drink. That’s 12.5%.

Right now I am drinking a 14% Four Loko and I am feeling super freaking buzzed. Like way more buzzed than I felt the other two drinks, which I drank last night.

Why is that? I’m not chugging it and it takes me the same amount of time to drink both (4–5 hours).

Is 1.5% that big a difference? Or do I not understand alcohol % at all?


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Is it food? I haven’t eaten much today, but I ate the same amount yesterday (roughly). Not sure.

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If your Seagram’s drink is 100 grams, then 8% of that would be 8 grams of alcohol.
If your Jack Daniels is 100 grams, 4.5% is 4.5 grams of alcohol.
Added together, that’s 12.5 grams of alcohol in 200 grams of drinks.

12.5 grams is 6.25% of 200 grams.

14% is 2.24 times as much alcohol as 6.25%, if the total amounts are equal.

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Yeah, you can not just add the percentages. You need to calculate the average, which is 6.25%, if you drank identical amounts of liquid.
It reminds me of this meme:

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Also, don’t do math while intoxicated.

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The way you think about the percentages is wrong and you can’t add the numbers together like that.

It takes time for the body to clear alcohol. My husband who probably is taller than you and probably weighs more than you is buzzed from one beer, he has no alcohol tolerance.

Alcohol has a half life of something like 5 hours. So, in five hours It’s like you have half a drink in you. If you drink a second drink within an hour of the first, the first is still 70–80% in you plus the new drink.

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Eating bread (or anything) or having a glass of milk before drinking could slow down your absorption of alcohol.

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The food needs to be in your tummy at the same time of the alcohol, so you need to eat within 20 minutes of starting to drink or while you’re drinking. If you eat more than 20 minutes before your stomach has already moved the food out of your stomach and into other organs. It just slows the absorption of the alcohol.

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Four Loko drinks are marketed as “fruit punch” “apple sour” “with a hint of black cherry” but they are incredibly strong at 14% by volume and seem designed to encourage you to drink and get drunk.

PS Speaking frankly, if you don’t understand the alcoholic strengths of what you’re drinking you probably should stick to lemonade.

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Yeah, I know. I was really feeling that drink last night lol.

I don’t add percentages like that, it just made sense at the time I guess.

Oh well, I’ll keep this up so the next dumbass drunk person who is curious knows that’s not right lol.

Do I fully understand it? Nah. But who cares, I’m just having fun

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@SergeantQueen That’s the spirit!
Pun intended.

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