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Do you know anyone who has died from covid in the last two to three months?

Asked by JLeslie (62395points) January 18th, 2022 from iPhone

Today’s date January 18, 2022.

The US is in a big wave of covid cases. Deaths have been a smaller percentage of cases this time compared to previous waves, but deaths always trail the cases so we are not done yet. I just found out a woman I know here just lost her husband’s nephew to covid. She says it’s very likely he’s not vaccinated, but wasn’t 100% sure. He left behind a wife and young children. I’m assuming he was in his 40’s.

If you know the person’s age, if they’re vaccinated, and if they had underlying conditions I’d be interested.

This Q is not limited to the US, I was just describing what’s happening here where I live.

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No one personally, just anecdotal stuff of people who I don’t know.

My two cents: if the decedent were not vaccinated, then it was suicide.

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Not personally. I know of some deaths at one remove, and I think one was learned of (by the person I know, who knew the deceased) about three months ago, but the death I think occurred before that.

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@elbanditoroso more than a few of my friends here where I live agonize over their children and/or grandchildren not being vaccinated. That’s probably the case with the story I told in the OP.

A close friend of mine here is sick right now. I know her granddaughter was coming to visit. I don’t know if the granddaughter brought it, or if maybe they went to Disney and caught it, or some other vehicle to becoming sick, but I do know one of her daughters would not vaccinate her kids, so I wonder if this is one of those grandchildren. My friend was not happy with the decision not to vaccinate. She told me her daughter only got vaccinated because her job mandated it. They’re all Republicans, if that matters, but my girlfriend and her husband are very pro covid vaccine.

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@JLeslie: Do WDW visitors have to remain masked?

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@jca2 At WDW everyone indoors must be masked and the compliance is very good, but there are some people who pull down their mask when out of the sight of the CM’s, like during the ride, or while in the middle of a long line. CM’s do tell people to put in their mask or put the mask on properly when they see people not doing it. There are some people who say they wore a black mesh mask and got away with it, horrible people. I think those people are few and far between thankfully.

Outside you don’t need to wear your mask. When you walk into a restaurant you have your mask on until seated. All waiters, CM’s, all are masked, and extremely compliant with wearing their masks correctly indoors, over their nose and under their chin.

If your mask is not on correctly in a photo Disney will not release the photo to the guest.

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Yes. A friend of mine died in October from COVID. She was 50, obese, and had long-standing pulmonary issues however — all of which I’m sure played a role in her inability to recover from COVID.

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@cookieman I’m sorry to hear that. So young. Was she vaccinated? In October it might still have been Delta.

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Nope. I know some folks who had it and recovered, but don’t know anyone personally who has passed away from it. My brother had a bout of it last year but recovered. He is now vaccinated.

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@JLeslie: She was vaccinated.

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@cookieman That’s awful. That’s my fear. People who are vaccinated are still dying, especially certain categories of people.

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My neighbor 2 houses over died in November from it. It was the husband that died. He was in his mid to late 50’s, overweight but otherwise healthy. He had no symptoms until he woke up in the middle of the night unable to breathe. He was rushed to the hospital with what the wife assumed was going to be a heart attack and he never returned home. They had 4 adult children and I’ve lost count of the number of grands. I never asked the widow if he had been vaccinated as I felt it in bad taste and it would change nothing

I’ve managed to weed out a lot of friends who are vocal about being against the vaccine. I feel that they have the right to choose not to get it. At the same time, I also feel that I have the right to only choose friends who care enough about life to get it and help to stop the pandemic and not pass it on to me and my family.

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@JLeslie: Yes, unfortunately, she had a lot going against her, even vaccinated.

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My 6 year old nephew’s daycare provider lady died from it I think October or November. From what I remember she wasn’t able to get vaccinated. Very sad for her and the kids she had watched.

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Yes, my friend’s cousin died 5 days ago. She was 47 years old.

She had no underlying health conditions that her family was aware of. She was reluctantly vaxxed and boosted because she was a teacher, and was required to be.

Unfortunately, she did not adhere to some of the important Covid safety protocols. She went to several large holiday parties, where she and other people were unmasked, and some were most likely unvaccinated, and ultimately got sick, and was home for a few days at the beginning of January. I’m not sure if the first illness was Covid.

She did not quarantine for the full amount of time. Apparently she was cleared by her doctor to exit quarantine.

Then she and her family went on a skiing trip with a group of friends, even though it was advised that people avoid those types of gatherings, and she was still not 100% over the initial illness.

One of the children on that trip was sick with Covid and she either caught it for the first time, or already had it from several weeks earlier.

She went from feeling relatively fine (that’s why she ended her quarantine early) to getting very sick, being rushed to a local hospital, then life flighted to a better equipped hospital where she had to be intubated and then she suffered two heart related episodes and died, all within five days. Her husband also has Covid, but so far their son does not. Her husband touted Ivermectin as a cure for Covid. I’m not sure if he was vaccinated or not. He’s sick now, but I don’t think he is in need of hospitalization.

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