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Why are some people terrified of lobsters?

Asked by ragingloli (49945points) January 22nd, 2022

For example, I was at a restaurant recently, and asked for a lobster dish.
The waiter said “We are out of lobsters. I’m afraid.”

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If the waiter was really afraid of lobsters he would have said “We’re out of lobsters I’m relieved”.

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They are clingy.

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They can break your fingers.

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The waiter’s name was “Claude’.

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Goggle eyes, pinchers, and tiny brains. If they leave me alone, I’ll leave them alone. I’m not that impressed with the taste either. Shrug.

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Those pinching claws!

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The waiter is not afraid of lobsters, but of being out of them.

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Was the waiter Homard Simpson?

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When my son was little, he didn’t like to go down the dark hall because of the lurking lions and lobsters. I bought him an oven mitt shaped like a lobster claw. He named it Louie and wore it for protection in the hall. Eventually it became a toy.

Whole live lobsters are pretty primitive-looking and monsterlike, even in a tank in a restaurant. I always feel a little bit superstitious about picking one out for my dinner. Don’t you?

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To me they’re the insects of the sea (and they are related to insects and arachnids) and that just freaks me out. D:

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So what if they’re related to rolly pollys @Demosthenes! Do you know how many rolly polls you’d have to eat to get full??!!

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Lobsters don’t bother me. Snakes are another matter. I had some rattlesnake meat one time though, not bad. Tastes like chicken.

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The waiter was just sorry to tell you they were out of lobster, he didn’t like having to disappoint you. The waiter wasn’t afraid of lobsters, it’s just a saying in English that is unclear in direct translation.

It wouldn’t be surprising if there are people who are afraid of lobsters. They look like huge roaches under the sea.

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@Nomore_Tantrums Some people eat chicken and say, “tastes like rattlesnake”.

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They’re closely related to crayfish, AKA crayfish, crawdads, or colloquially, mudbugs.

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The Goon Show: First aired 5 January 1959.

Bluebottle: “Here, dere’s a big lobster out dere, Oh!”
Eccles: “I ain’t frightened of big lobsters! I’ll fix him.”
SFX:[Door slams. Great roaring of a lion aroused. Terrible battle]
Eccles: [Yelling for help]
SFX:[Thuds, bangs etc. Door slams]
Bluebottle: ”‘Ere, where’s all your clothes?”
Eccles: “Bottle, say after me, I must learn the difference between a lion and a lobster.”

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@flutherother, definitely going to send that to my son.

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