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Can you suggest a san serif font?

Asked by Bri_L (12191points) September 16th, 2008

I am terrible with font finding. Not good given my credentials. I can do it but it always takes me hours and hours and hours etc. So…

I am looking for the following qualities for my business card font:
elegant but not stuffy
narrow but not thin
squattish but not fatly so
sort of rounded but not in a cartoony fashion.

any or all or as close as anyone can come.

Free would be best but if it was spot on I would pay for it to.

Thank you in advance.

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A list of san serif fonts can be found on wikipedia

I will return to this question with my favorites.

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Just to nitpick – I believe it’s “sans serif”, meaning “without serifs” (which are the little strokes at the ends of some letters).

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You should look at House Industries fonts. They definitely aren’t free, but they are absolutely gorgeous. (oh, Chalet or Comprime may have what you’re looking for.)

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My favorite three:

Benguiat Gothic

In the order: BG, O, A.

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@ Hobbes – Thanks bud! that was my 6th try before I got no red squiggly so I gave up. the funny thing is I know that “sans” means with out as in “Sans my cloths” Where I lost track was I thought it was one word. So when I separated it, I kept the s with Serif. That is how complicated it was for me just to get it wrong. hehe.

I hate spellinnggg. :-)

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@tWrex – wow those are great. Thanks All!

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Lurve for squattish but not fatly so.

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hehe, thanks

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Try Knockout from Hoefler. It has an insane range of weights & runs ultra-condensed to ultra-extended.

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wow, I have never seen that before. Thanks!

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gotham if you’ve got the cash. univers if you need lots of weights. and you can never go wrong with helvetica.

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I have to say I like Myriad. Yeah, it’s Apple’s main font, but I’ve always liked it. To my eye, it’s the “Goldilocks” of the ss fonts. Not too elegant, not too narrow, not too cartoony. It’s just right.

I hadn’t seen Avenir before I checked out Empress’ link. I like it!

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I like avenir but can’t find it to buy it. I liked Gotham.

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You’ve got to tell me these things, you can buy it here:

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hehe. Thanks.

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Gotham is Barack Obama’s font BTW. :)

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hehe. Sweet

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Futura or Century Gothic are two I use; Gill Sans Bold has somewhat of that squattish look but may have too much heft for a lot of text in a block.

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Trade Gothic is a great font. I use it regularly.

You get your money’s worth considering how flexible it really is.

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I love Gill Sans but am worried I use it to much.

I Love Futura but am worried everyone else uses it to much

Do I worry to much?

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my fav sans serif font is myriad.

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For a Business Card? worry about the infor first, most of the time, Arial fonts do that job, designing a logo or something like that require playing with fonts and all, but don’t be shy and try the basics first. In Design less is better.

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I have the information set and ready. I am working on the logo and am at the point where I need to bring the font in to decide on some directions.

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Helvetica + Century Gothic

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@glacier – Welcome to fluther!

Very nice choice! It definitely made my list. I like the proportion of round / squat / narrow.

thank you!

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Does anyone know when the Adobe CS3 logo font, Gauge, is coming out?

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Try Scala Sans, it’s got a serif and sans serif version, i love this typeface because it has all the beautiful qualities of a traditional serif typeface and combines it with the functionality and simplicity of a sans serif.

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@ chadilaksono – I love it. That is it. that is what I was looking for!!

Thanks! Lurve to you and welcome!!

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Futura. Or for free, the Roadgeek Series F which is not unlike Gotham.

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Ooooo. Nice! Thanks! and welcome!

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I like Optima.

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i know that you’re well beyond needing any more recommendations, but i can never resist an opportunity to discuss my fonts!

i think these will fit your criteria, all of them nicely rounded without being inappropriately childish.

BellySans, Copyright Violations, Eurofurence, Geosans, Market Deco, Quicksand, The Real Font, Qarats, Aubrey, Feena Casual

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