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Just what are “small town values”?

Asked by galileogirl (12672points) September 16th, 2008

How do they differ from the rest of us who live in metropolitan areas and bedroom communities/suburbs? What are some of the small towns where “real” Americans live? And how did this minority group become the arbiters of the majority’s lives?

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They differ from city dwellers and suburber because many of the people in “small towns” usually don’t graduate from high school, or leave the town they were born in. Like I said, usually< so please don’t bash me if you live in a small town and consider this offensive.

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Apparently (based on televised talking points from the Republican convention), being vehemently against gay marriage. That seems to be it. (Although one delegate interviewed by The Daily Show did designate “fishing” as a small town value.)

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The daily show investigated this very question (hilariously) a few weeks ago at the RNC.

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Small town values—hmm….incest at its best for starters.

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Yes, Ma’am
No, Ma’am
Pardon Me
Let me get the chair
Let me get the door
May I…
Well, I reckon…Lol
Wait 1 God-Darn Toot’n Minute!

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It is a made-up concept that floats with the values of the sayer. For example, I am pretty sure that unwed teenage pregnancy is not part of standard small-town values, but it is prominently featured by the Republican ticket this year.

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I forgot to add “kissing” cousins =P

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I think it’s a desire to keep our culture innocent and simple. I think they want to return to the 50’s Ozzie and Harriet, Mayberry culture. I guess many communities are still very much like that including the denial of what their kids are smoking, and not talking about the abuse that goes on behind closed doors.

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Crystal Meth anyone?

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@ben: That clip made my day!

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John Mellencamp
I was born in a small town
I can breathe in a small town

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@Allen Indeed, indeed!

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@john—love the new avatar : )

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Do you know where we keep out door keys?
We don’t either. We haven’t used them in years.

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