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What do you think of people who ask questions merely as a way to expound their beliefs to others?

Asked by paulc (2914points) September 17th, 2008

If it is obvious that someone is posting “questions” to fluther without actually seeking responses, do their tirades veiled as questions still belong here?

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No, it is annoying and the “question” should be removed.

edit :: I like pancakes more than waffles if anyone cares.

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What do you think of people who ask questions merely as a way to expound their beliefs to others, @paulc?

You get the irony here, right?

@johnpowell: Does it matter what kind of pancakes/waffles?

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Argh! That’s what’s so wrong with this country!

Pancakes?!?! PANCAKES?!?!? Everyone knows that Belgian Waffles are the very best. Mmmm… with butter, powdered sugar…. (drool).

But Pancakes! Are you trying to bring down this country?! Are you so evil and smelly as to think that some batter allowed to arbitrarily form a rough circle on a griddle is truly the way to make breakfast?

Gah! I give up.

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@rob :: your outrage has been noted.

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@robmandu: Obviously @johnpowell has been brainwashed by the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld reptilian-blooded hegemony.

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< < secretly adores pancakes and eats them all the time. But would prefer to masquerade as a Waffelinian in order to stir the pot of discontent.

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like this question above?

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@niki : you might be on to something there.

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Actually, we don’t really have a place to discuss site etiquette so this is really the only place this could be posted where any eyeballs would see it.

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Depends on the question and/or purpose of getting your point of view in front of the collective.

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Can’t we all just get along? How about waffles made with pancake batter? or Pancakes made with waffle batter?

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Pancakes make me sleepy, always have.

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@Marissa, is it sacrilege to use Bisquick for both?

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@robmandu, not if you add a little lemon juice and sugar to the batter ;0)

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arggghhh…..I love banana pancakes!!!!!

And I think people ask stupid questions because they have nothing else to do and have no life!!!

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Actually, I can’t stand questions that are asked that just seem to serve as a jumping off point for some personal agenda or some rambling story of something that happened to them once years ago. I just avoid those and don’t participate on the hope that maybe it will go away.

Mmm… pancakes….

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I know this discussion is already highly controversial, but come on now, French Toast made with Hawaiian Sweet Bread, lightly dusted with powdered sugar, with crisp smoked bacon on the side….there’s nothing “batter”

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Ooh, French Toast is my favorite!

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Loser—We should be talking about video games and drinking games, right?

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As long as the asker is actually looking for information, whether it’s facts or opinions, it’s a valid question. If the asker isn’t looking for information, they shouldn’t be asking for it.

Danish pastry FTW!! – although a nice pancake or waffle with icecream, chopped nuts and chocolate sauce is pretty nice dessert

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I think if it’s “merely to expound” then yeah I tend to avoid those. I try to give folks the benefit of the doubt though if they say they want to know what people think.

You people are making me hungry.

@rob: Lurve for use of the word “Waffelinian”. :^>

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@aliengreen: What’s that supposed to mean?

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good point! Mods should remove those “questions”.

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I agree!!!

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@loser: aliengreen ha ha But I am allengreen’s ally so please if only for me spell it right.

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Oops!!! That was a typo!!! Sorry, my bad…

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@allengreen: I don’t really think you’re a green alien or anything!!! :D

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I could be an alien though, on the internet, who knows?

nanno, nanno, Allen Calling Orson, Come in Orson…...

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