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If a small merchant sent you $60 more of product than you paid for, would you send them money for it?

Asked by marmoset (1307points) 1 week ago

I ordered and paid for a smaller size and received a bigger size (along with a paper receipt for the smaller size, so this was a packing error).

This is a superb, well-priced product that I plan to order from them again.

Legally I think it’s mine to keep but I don’t care about that, I’m asking an ethical question.

I really like this small business and although it’s been going for decades, it’s pretty specialized and I think run by just a few people. And nobody I’ve found sells a better version of this product.

I like to be careful with money but I can afford the $60 and I would’ve spent it on more of this product in the future.

(In practice it would be easy; I paid with zelle [which is like paypal, you choose any amount to send to an email address] so I could just send another payment.)

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I would send them the money with a note telling what happened.
They might have an error in their picking/packing/shipping procedure that needs to be fixed. . Since you like them and are going to be using the product anyway, help them out.

They will appreciate it more than you realize.

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Ethically, I think that you should contact the company and inform them of the error then let them tell you how to proceed. Some companies will tell you to keep the product because it would cost more than it’s worth to return it to them. They might choose to request that you pay for the additional product; but out of good will, they might opt to tell you that it was their error and as a good customer you just keep and enjoy your product. They won’t know anything is wrong until they do their next inventory and by then, there will be no way to trace it back to you. Now, if you just send them the difference without them knowing it is coming, it could screw up their bookkeeping records. If you explain the situation, they will know what works best for them and will show them that you are a good and honest customer. As an up and coming small business, they will appreciate an honest customer like you

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Consider the possibility that your order got mixed up with that of someone else, who got less than what they paid for. This is all the more reason to return the money along with an explanation for what happened.

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I would contact them first provided I wanted the extra product.

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More than you PAID for, or more than you ASKED for?

If they sent you more than you asked for, you are no way obligated to buy more than you asked for, just because they sent you more.

You could let them know, but you’re not obligated to. It might be useful for them to know, but unless they have a chronic problem on their end, it may just be diverting their time and attention. It’s only $60 retail worth of product, so they’re probably not going to want their customer to bother to send the extra amount back.

It would be unethical and unwise business practice for them to oblige you to correct their mistake, or even to let you incorrectly feel obligated and pay them.

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Contact them and try to correct it. Thry need to be aware of the flawed system. Paying extra no, it was not your error.

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I would call them and see what they want to do. If it is more product than you need, then I don’t think you should have to pay for it, but if you will use it anyway you could.

If I were the business owner I would probably just tell you to keep the item and thank you for letting me know. As the owner I would want to know if there is some sort of problem with staff or SKUS on the packages that might have led to an error and could be a bigger problem than this one transaction. Most likely the business did not lose any money, or lost very little, because of the mark up, and they have your loyalty.

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It’s clear from your question that you are not thinking in terms of blame or entitlement. You are trying to do the right thing.

I agree with those who say to let the vendor know and ask them how they would like to proceed, on the understanding that you are willing to pay the difference. I think that’s the honest and honorable thing to do.

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No. I would call them and tell them of their mistake and that I would be happy to send it back to them but they would have to pay for the shipping.

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And do please come back and tell us what you did and what happened.

Also I would love to know what kind of product this is.

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I completely agree with @SEKA‘s answer.

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