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Should I confront this guy for hitting his dog?

Asked by Cindy1302 (554points) 1 month ago

I work for a commercial cleaning company. We clean office buildings. There is this guy who keeps his dog in his office with him. I don’t know his name but we say hi to eacthother. Anyways, when I went into his office to empty his trash, his dog starred barking. He was like no! Then slapped her on the side. Not enough to hurt her but it made a slap sound. I didnt say anything and I feel kinda bad. Should I say something to him now?

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No, leave it alone. It doesn’t sound like he was actively abusing the dog so stay out of it.

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NO, definitely NOT!!!

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Pick your fights.
This isn’t it.

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If he tapped the dog on the side, it might be remind the dog to be quiet.

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Please, @Cindy1302, stay in your own hula hoop, as they say. While you’re busy supervising everybody else, no one is paying attention to your stuff. Your own stuff needs your attention.

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I forgot to mention I think its a puppy. Not like a newborn but it’s probably 5 or 6 months old

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Nope. Maybe volunteer with people who need your help, sounds like you have too much free time.

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I strongly suggest seeing a therapist. It sounds like you need some direction in discovering who you are, what you stand for, and how to make your own decisions.

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No. It sounds like he just smacked the dog to get its attention. Never, ever confront anyone for anything that they could take offense to and hurt you over.

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@Cindy1302 why did you add the details? Do you think it would change anything?

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I don’t think I need to add anything else. Just listen to the advice of others.

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I think it only depends on how hard he hit the dog. However in your case, you don`t want to confront because it sounds like he was only doing it in a light way, not hurting the dog. So I say NO, don’t do that because you may end up in a worse case scenario.

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