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If you've had a break from Fluther, why did you leave? Why did you come back?

Asked by bob_ (21436points) 1 month ago

You missed us, didn’t you?

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I’ve had 2 lengthy breaks. Both because of homophobia that the mods allowed to stand. The first time, I came back because of Gail’s death, and the second because of John Powell’s illness and subsequent death.

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Left: got bored, plus (s)low activity.
Returned: when Gail was sick, and subsequently passed away.

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I get bored with myself – but come back for the angry sex.

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Neked pancakes are a powerful enticement.

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Sounds like a cliche, but my answer would probably be “life”.

Sometimes there’s too much stuff going on in real life, that I have less time to go online.

Other times, there’s too much going on in real life, that I really appreciate the distraction of going online.

Sometimes it’s news of jellies that has also brought me back. But, yeah. I do miss my jellies when it’s been awhile.

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I got killed by Candice, but I got better.

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The hard drive on my computer took a crap and I had to get a new system.

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@ragingloli I’m not cool enough to know what that means. Is that internet slang for “I really just missed you guys.”?

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I need a break from time to time, so I take one.

I genuinely care about you folks, which is why I keep coming back.

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Many years ago I took a hiatus for a couple of years because I felt fluther was getting too shrill for my taste. I still looked in from time to time, then made a new account and came back. Now I’ll take breaks for a few day# here and there just to get a little perspective.

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I was just getting cigarettes from the store…
But nah, I just like to lurk and see the occasional bickering. No streaming service can compete with internet drama.
Alright, I gotta go to the store again to get some milk.

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^Good to see you again!

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@bob_ Why did you take a break, and why did you come back?

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I’ve been on Fluther straight from 2009 on different accounts. I was active even when I was in the hospital for 6 months in 2012–2013.

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@Hawaii_Jake No particular reason for leaving, I guess it was during a low activity phase, started visiting less and less, until I stopped completely. Came back when someone posted Ryan’s question in a group chat I’m in.

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I accepted a bet.

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I quit for a year because it was getting politically toxic. It’s just much worse everywhere else so here I am again.

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Was always my intention to bugger off when I hit 50k, nice & tidy see.

Back on a whim, just for a brief swim.

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@eyesoreu I know who you are!

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Would you like a medal or a chest to hang it on?

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UCME I presume

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