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If you have a Platonic crush on anyone, who is it, or who are they?

Asked by Brian1946 (32270points) June 3rd, 2022

I have Platonic crushes on Joan Baez and Timothy Schmidt.

Does anyone recognize the melody of the song sung by Joan?

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I have a lil girl crush on Kristen Bell. How can you not?!

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What is a “platonic” crush?

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@Brian1946, well, sure—I recognize it from the album, Joan Baez Vol. 2 (1961), which I bought warm off the presses (i.e., 1963). I don’t know it from anywhere else, though. I’ve been a fan all these years.

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Platonic means not having to do with sex. Just a friendship crush. I love Kristen Bell and think she’s just cute as a bug, but I don’t wanna do her. ;)

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Much grass for the explanation. ;)

I think Kristen has done some excellent work, but one of my extant crushes is one of her costars in Bad Moms, Mila Kunis; she was very nice to me when I talked to her at a vegan Thai eatery near my house.

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I had a major crush on actress Susan Hayward as a kid. Despite her being old enough to be my grand ma. I wouldn’t call it Platonic though, by any stretch. ; )

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I’ve had a man-crush on George Clooney for years. I don’t even particularly like or have seen all his movies. Just something about him.

Also, Sally Field. She’s adorable but I’d just want to be her friend.

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@Nomore_Tantrums Susan Hayward? Wasn’t she an incredible dancer or still is…

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Plato, I guess.

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@WhyNow To my knowledge she was just an actress but may have been a dancer as well. Don’t know much about her career rally. I just always thought she was smoking hot.

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Kathy Ireland.

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My kid sang the Baez tune in school. The rest of us grew tired of hearing it. Elvis cleaned up with it. Of course we remember. And I always thought Kunis just knock down gorgeous.

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My platonic crush is Anna Kendrick. She is so damn sweet, and also just a little naughty.

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Hallie Berry, Thandie Newton and Nicole Kidman. Oh – and Hugh Jackman and George Clooney but not sure how platonic those crushes are.

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Platonic means…no sex?!

Well screw those crushes.

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@WhyNow Susan Hayward died years ago. You may be right about the dancing though, at least she probably had film parts as a dancer. But to a young kid on the cusp of adolescence, it mattered to me not a whit.

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Kate Hudson and Alexander Skarsgard, Will Smith.

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Zooey Deschanel and Richard Branson, in no particular order.

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