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What is the most precious thing you have ever held in your hands?

Asked by flutherother (34280points) June 10th, 2022

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My sons.

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My great grandsons, both of them. They both had a hard time and were preemies to start, but now they are healthy and doing great, and both of them look like line backers.

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My daughter.

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My nieces and nephew as infants

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It seems to be unanimous!

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Yep. My nieces and nephew, most recently my twin brother’s daughter, born in April. She’s beyond precious. :D

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My girlfriends, and my current cat.

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I wonder if the OP meant inorganic precious things.

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Other than my neice to as a baby I would say $2,300 in cash. When I was in saving money mode.

Edit I asked a money question in a spinoff of this question.What is the most cash that you have had in your hands?

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Excluding human babies now, for obvious reasons.

Most monetary value: wedding ring.
Most sentimental value: the puppy I got as a child
Most fragile: freshly hatched baby sea turtle

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My kids, and later their kids.

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Most meaningful: my fiance’s hand
Most valuable: a unit of blood
Most fragile: a frog about ¼” long

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^^They need ‘most precious’ keep going.

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