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Have you heard of the Presidential Candidate Ron Paul?

Asked by SquirrelEStuff (9168points) August 6th, 2007

I have no affiliation to him. Listening to him speak has opened my eyes so much to what is going on in this country. He is a doctor from Texas who has served 10 terms in Congress. He is unlike any of the candidates in either party. He speaks 100% the truth and has brought to light many issues most Americans have never even thought of like the Federal Reserve and IRS. He is a Libertarian. I highly recommend checking him out on Youtube. We need him for President. rEVOLution Ron Paul for Pres!!!!

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Yeah, he's my choice. But, I doubt he'll make it to the primary.

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Go to and and look at the results from yesterdays debate. He was DESTROYING everyone. It is so ignorant of the amount of ppl that have the exact response as you.

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wait. What's your point?

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While he can "destroy" everybody in a debate. Do you really think that the "powers-that-be" will allow him in office?

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I think if us Internet users can get the message and the truth to those who don't understand the power of the Internet, it can be our last chance at getting past the powers that be.

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Ron Paul is right about the war. But if you dig a little deeper into his other views, he's a typical paranoid libertarian that most likely has a well-armed school bus buried in his back yard.

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Again, I could be wrong, but fluther is apparently intended to provide practical information in response to genuine questions. While there is certainly room for political questions, chris6137 is not genuinely seeking information, but rather hijacking this site for his own political ends. This is not an appropriate forum for that sort of discussion.

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i agree with hossman. 'have you heard of x person' (especially someone all over the news - followed by 'details' super-strongly in support of him) is quite different than ' what do you think of x particular issue', 'what is x person's stance on x issue', etc. an actual *question*, seeking actual answers.

not to mention... 100% the truth? could you say that about anyone?
he's an ob-gyn against women's right to choose (anti-abortion), among other things

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he is against abortion, but still thinks it is up to the states to decide

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"..against abortion, but still thinks it is up to the states to decide"
try this historic variation:
"(insert:any position on slavery). but still thinks its up to the states to decide"

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Why did you capitalize [p]residential [c]andidate?

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