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What do you think of my interpretation of Bob Dylan’s song, “Shelter From the Storm”?

Asked by gondwanalon (21237points) 1 month ago

Others have said that the song reflects sadness of not knowing what you’ve got until it’s gone.

I think it’s about refusing to give in when the going gets tough.
The storm represents life’s struggles. The pain and sacrifice we go through in efforts to reach goals and achieve our dreams.

To take shelter from life’s storm is like giving up and escaping life’s reality.

Over and over we get tempted to take our eye off our goals and take shelter form life especially when pressure and pain mount up on us. Just like in the song there’s a voice within us that tells us to stop and take shelter from the storm. But if we do then we give up and become weaker.

See this short video:

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I’ve always thought, and listening to it again, still think it’s about a lover or brief encounter with someone who is giving you a respite from the storms of life. I don’t see it in any way as giving up or having a negative connotation. We all need to take shelter sometimes and rest before resuming the struggle.

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A first time hearing this song for me. I think Bob Dylan is a great american poet!
Which makes interpreting this very personal AND a great read!

I’ll wait for more.

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It’s about mistaking a kindness for romance.

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I’ve read that Dylan wrote the song about his now-ex-wife.

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For many of us in recovery, it depicts a helping hand being available when one hits bottom in whatever personal crisis is occurring.

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I look on it as a love song but love seen from a distance after the romance has long since cooled down and the relationship is viewed in a less romantic light. It is a way of the writer getting an old relationship out of his system but still some regrets remain.

“If I could only turn back the clock to when God and her were born”.

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It is from Blood on the Tracks, which is the album he made during the divorce from his first wife, Sara. Jakob Dylan(Bob and Sara’s youngest son and lead singer of the Wallflowers) says listening to that album is like listening to his parents talk.

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