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What's with the pirate talk on Fluther all of a sudden?

Asked by janbb (60655points) September 19th, 2008

Did I miss something?

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It is talk like a pirate day, September 19th.

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Apparently, it’s also type like a pirate day. No one mentioned it to me. I’m only celebrating orally.

I have accepted the possibility that I might just be a stick in the mud.

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@bodyhead, well now you’re really stuck… Fluther is previewing your quips as you type it in piratical.

The Live Preview text of the above was shown to me as:

@bodyhead, well now ye’re really stuck… Fluther be previewing yer quips as ye type it in piratical.

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@robmandu: No. Really? ;)

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Aye… do we have sferik to thank for that? Or all o’ ye working like magic little elves behind th’ scenes?

Whatever, it be very kewl.

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Nimis is not really crafting a response…
Just having fun with the new found piraticalness.

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Rob, that’s hilarious. I didn’t even notice that was happening. Kudos, fluther moderators. I’m impressed.

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There once was a site called Fluther.
It could really be compared to no other.
Both Andrew and Ben
Are spectacular men
I’d like to thank both of their mothers!

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Nice lurve will, 1234. Plus, this pirate talk is awesome, loving it, I lauged, thanks to Ben and Andrew :D

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I am rather relieved it is only in preview. I thought the posted answers were in pirate speak. For some serious queries I was responding to, it felt a little wrong.

But if ‘tis only all in fun, like a bit ‘o song and a tot ‘o rum, then I’m all for it, matey. Here’s mud in yer eye and may yer course be straight and true.

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Pegleg Pete and his parrot Polly thanks youse for all yer wonderful answers too.

Hey – how about a Sopranos day??

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@janbb The only possible response is fuggeddaboutit.

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Mari: I could answer your question, but then I’d have to kill yous.
Who wants to know? Which family do you work for?
Tell Bruno I’ve got his answer right here. [obscene gesturing]

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ARRRGGG!!! It be pirate day!

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ok, i think i just got my answer. i was in the middle of responding to a serious subject only to find my written words were not showing up as, well, serious. i was about to kiss fluther good-bye. i thought it was a sick virus.

i remember seeing a fluther question relative to this pirates day stuff, but just passed it up. heard a blurb of it on the news today and was like, yeah whatever.

no disrespect but, fluther, please turn this pirate stuff off.

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@cc34 I have given up trying to proof my answers, because of the priate speak making me crazy.

All: Any typos? Blame the pirates!

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