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What detergent to use for a hand wash shirt?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (37279points) August 28th, 2022

I bought a gorgeous cotton-linen blend shirt second hand off Ebay. It’s black and is decorated with stunning knots of brightly colored thread.

It is hand wash only.

I use natural, fragrance free detergent for laundry. Can I simply use a small amount of that in the sink, or do I need to buy specialty detergent?

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I would use Pert shampoo.

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Better to use a gentle detergent for delicate items as the black colour may “bleed” into the bright colors.

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I seem to remember using Woolite when I had to hand wash items.

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I second the Woolite suggestion.

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Check the garment for color fastness to see if the color runs.

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Iwould go with Woolite too – and cold water.

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Another vote for Woolite.

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Sounds like your regular stuff will work, or try castille soap.

But even basic bar soap should be fine in cold water. The important thing is gentle hand washing that doesn’t twist the fibers, or drench your shirt with harsh chemicals.

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Woolite is the preference for hand wash from shirts to unmentionables.

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I’m in the Woolite and cold water gang. Don’t take chances with your beautiful shirt.

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Woolite or a generic version, or cold water with a little baking soda and vinegar.

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