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Where do all the flies go in the winter?

Asked by AstroChuck (37660points) September 19th, 2008 from iPhone

What, do they fly south along with the geese, carrying their cute little maggots in wee baby packs? (Or north, if in the southern hemisphere.)
They are all over the place during the warm weather. Are they hibernating in tiny igloos somewhere during the cold months?

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The rich ones go to the Hamptons.
Or so I’ve heard.

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I hope it’s fly hell.

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Most die, I think. According to wikipedia, the average lifespan of a house fly is 22–25 days, so even if they could migrate, they wouldn’t last long enough to see past winter anyway. I think I read somewhere that mozzies only live 1–2 weeks max. Could be different for other types of fly. shrugs shoulders

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We have cluster flies here”: – lazy and logy things that buzz and hang around warm glass windows from Sept. to April. Then they go outside and reproduce in the summer . We simply vac them up when they emerge on sunny days.

(T’aint Pirate Day over yet?)

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I see flies year-round. I guess they come here.

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Aren’t you glad you live somewhere where they are not year round. From Valent Bioscience

“In colder climates breeding generally ceases before winter, whereupon the insects overwinter either as pupae or adults. However, in warm environments houseflies remain active and reproduce throughout the year.”

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I love flies

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Believe it or not when i was about 8, I had a pet fly that lived in my apartment one WI winter. He came in one rainy late fall day & I didn’t have the heart to send him out in the snow the next am…

I’m not certain how many months he lived with us, I just recall naming him Oscar, and leaving out bits of food for him to eat. I do recall him getting slow at the end of his stay.

So that’s where one fly hung out in winter. I don’‘t think there’s a collective of them except maybe at a steer/cattle ranch somewhere warm (maybe?).

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Too much disparate information.
Loves spaetzle?, angel baby avatar, pet fly….head exploding

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Not spaetzle..spatzies WAY different. One you eat one—well look it up or ask the ?

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What’s that?
Oops. Read that wrong. New spectacles, you see? Still adjusting.

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Love the specs.

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They get zipped up & the laps disappear too.

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I suspect they lay dormant like fleas but they all seem to come to my house to give me bloody hell all winter.

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