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Can I insulate the outside of a house?

Asked by eyeguy (25points) September 19th, 2008 from iPhone

I’m building a house and trying to decide the ideal method of insulation. 2×6 walls only allow 5 1/2” of insulation on the inside. Can insulation be placed on the outside?

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You might consider an EIFS system. Check it out here:

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Usually insulation is between the inside and the outside of the walls. I’m a bit confused.

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Judi, yes, insulation usually is between the inside and the out, but if you follow the link gratefully supplied by steelmarket you will see it can go on the exterior too. link.

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@eyeguy, I just remembered another way to add insulation to the exterior of your house (although you may not like this one). Some vinyl and aluminum siding has an inner, integral lining of foam insulation (usually about 1/2 inch at most). In general, foam adds about R-7 per inch of thickness (actual value depends upon the type of foam). Of course, you could install the siding over rigid foam board as well.

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it seems like a way to disrupt thermal bridging

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