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Is anyone here interested in joining the Peace Corp?

Asked by LuckyGuy (41158points) 2 months ago

The Peace Corp is still recruiting for people interested in opportunities in many different countries.
“October 1 will be the last day the Peace Corps will collect applications for several amazing opportunities set to depart Spring, 2023. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with a community abroad – apply today!”
Here is the link if you are curious or thinking about it. Peace Corp information

(If I were 40 years younger and had no responsibilities…)

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I would be interested if my health were not an issue.

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I’m too old now but I checked into it in my late teen’s. My mother was not encouraging due to the perceived danger.

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I thought about it when I was young but I got a “good” job immediately after graduating. Then got married, bought a house, then kids, then… life moved on.
Now I have grandkids – and the lawn needs mowing.

This could be a life changing adventure for a young person with few responsibilities.

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I thought it would be interesting and a good way of not being drafted to fight the war in Viet Nam. As it happened, my draft lottery number that year (1972) was #351 and I was never going to be drafted. So I decided to go to college instead.

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I did the preliminary for it when I was in my 20s, but kidney issues kept me from going any further.

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Had an ex-girl friend that was in in mid 1960s. My manager in late 1970s had his MIL in Peace Corp in Africa.

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When I was younger maybe. I’m too old and/or out of shape for that now. :/

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