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Do you consider being odd the same as being rude?

Asked by raum (11935points) 1 month ago from iPhone

Why or why not?

How do you define what is considered rude?

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No. I usually associate it with a mental disorder rather than intentional rudeness.

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Rudeness is behavior with an intent to diminish the recipient. Oddness can be for many different reasons and interpreted in different ways from endearing and delightful to discomfort making. But is an expression of the odd behavior with no attempt to hurt or humiliate the observer.

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No, of course not. Unless the type of behavior that is considered odd, also happens to be something I consider rude.

Odd but not rude: Being obsessively fascinated by specific dinosaurs, reading books about them all the time, and wearing a T-shirt with a diplodocus on it.

Rude but not odd: Calling someone a clod.

Both odd and rude: Calling someone a diplodocus.

Notice that being odd, and being rude, can overlap, but are definitely not the same thing.

Why was this a question to you? That it was, strikes me as odd (but not rude).

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@Zaku I think it follows up from Ltryptophan’s Q about mouth movers.

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It can be, but the two are not synonymous. Someone can be rude while being odd, or they can be odd without being rude. Someone can be odd and funny. Or, odd and disturbing. Or, odd and annoying. Or, odd and entertaining. So many possibilities.

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Odd: asking this question here. ;) JK

Rude: breaking into my house, forcibly muting my tunes, and then yelling this question in my face!

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What a rude question!

Of course there are differences. An odd person can sometimes be rude, but usually they are just unusual.

Utterly different concepts.

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Rudeness is unacceptable behavior at any age.

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^^ It depends on what one considers ‘unacceptable behavior’. Many cultures have different definitions of rude. Some think it’s high praise if you burp loudly at the table, others, not so much.

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Of course not. Check your Webster’s.

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No. One is intentional, the other is not.

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No more than I would consider being tall, the same as being human.

Actually, I disagree with the notion that any socially-atypical behavior is necessarily rude. Odd, yes. ;)

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No. Odd and rude are completely different. However, if a person is acting in an odd way it may be taken as rude to some people or in some situations.
Odd is more an outward thing. You act odd.
Rude is how things are perceived. You are being rude to me.

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I notice that I tend to be much more sympathetic toward behavior that is rude and odd, as opposed to behavior that is just plain rude.

Being unusual, odd, weird, inscrutable, or mysterious, tends to be appealing and/or interesting and/or charming to me, all else being equal, and depending on what the oddness is like.

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No. Odd is odd and rude is rude imo. Though I’m not fast enough in recognizing that in some cases. For example, last week a burger cook surprised me with his rudeness telling me he does not know how to cook the signature burger they had on the menu. He looked annoyed I even asked for that burger. What?

The manager informed me the guy is mentally challenged and unable to tell the difference between a rude and a polite response.

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@mazingerz88 The manager informed me the guy is mentally challenged and unable to tell the difference between a rude and a polite response.

Really good point! I think many of us may jump to the conclusion that a person is rude when in reality the person doesn’t have the ability to know the difference.

When I was about 13 there was a girl at the campgrounds where we were camping. We became friendly-ish and one day as we were walking she pointed to my breasts and asked what they were. I was embarrassed enough even having them without having them pointed out, so I was very uncomfortable. Don’t really know what I said, but I stayed away from her after that. As I got older I suspected that she had a mental or learning disability and wasn’t being rude or trying to be funny.

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