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Being realistic as possible, what do you think would happen to the U.S. if Marjorie Taylor Green became President?

Asked by rockfan (14054points) 1 month ago from iPhone

Say for example she runs as a VP and the president dies in office. What would happen to America in your opinion? Do you think she would actually try to enact all of her wildly unpopular ideas?

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Blonde headed Hitler !

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Democrats would rush to embrace Trump and Trump supporters as “Never-Greeners”. MSNBC would hire all the old Trump guys, Trump’s record would be cleaned, and he’d be seen swapping candies and yucking it up with Bush and the Obamas. We’d all agree to pretend that Trump wasn’t that bad. Just like we did when we all agreed to rehabilitate Bush.

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And people wonder why we call them fright wingers.

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Even Republicans would go for the 25th. One she’s female and two she’s crazy. I don’t believe she’s liked at all in DC. Maybe a few wouldn’t care but if a male republican is speaker of the house they would invoke the 25th saying she’s insane and make him President.

But realistically, who would want to tie their Presidency to her. She’s crazier than Sara Palin and that is what scared Republicans from voting for John McCain. People kept wondering what it would mean to have her as President should McCain pass away.

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Edited. I didn’t notice this was in General.
I really don’t think she is that well liked by her peers, so I don’t think anyone would ask her to be their running mate.

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PLEASE don’t even put that thought in my head as I’ll be having nightmares ALL night tonight!!! Even old 45 doesn’t “like” her, so I can’t imagine how’d she be chosen to run as VP for him or anyone else.

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@LadyMarissa Don’t worry about that, it won’t happen because Republicans are all about making sure the little ladies in their life know their place and it’s not at the big dogs table. Only time they support a female is when she very pretty and doesn’t shriek and knows to ask permission before having a thought of her own. She isn’t any of those.

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^^ Sorry, you’re correct…I suddenly had a panic attack at the thought!!!! Now that I’m back in the REAL world, I just remembered that even her husband couldn’t stand being with her, so she wouldn’t be any Rep male’s type & she’s too old for Gaetz!!!

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Either the 25th, as @Pandora said…

Or, the wealthy Dominionists would finally, truly, have their puppet who they can completely control. If at the same time if the Republicans have control in Congress, all hell will break lose if moderate Republicans go along with these extremists.

More rights will be taken away, and some citizens and US residents might actually start leaving the country at least temporarily to see how it goes.

Obviously, she would be out of her depth. I’d love to give her a history, geography, and US government quiz. I doubt she could pass an 8th grade lesson on those subjects.

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@hat That’s a ridiculous assessment. Most neoliberals care about decorum and politeness, so there’s no way they would embrace Trump.

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@hat Bush and Reagan get rehabilitated (as you call it) mostly to try to persuade Republicans. It doesn’t work, but that’s more or less the way I see the strategy. It’s not that Democrats think they were perfect presidents. They both catered to the religious right and Democrats still have serious problems with both of them. They both did have more dignity than Trump though.

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I don’t think my imagination has that low of a stupidity setting.

Things would be every more embarrassing than the Trump run. The rest of the world would have even lower expectations of us.

Scientists might have to re-evaluate the impacts of lead in the water supply, and retarded LCD media broadcasts.

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She’d just be a blond trump.

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@rockfan – I’m not sure if you are serious.

Did you think it was possible that Bush would have been rebranded by Dems as a cute, cuddly painter back in the day? It wasn’t very long ago that even hinting that Bush was not a monster might get your ass kicked. And rightfully so. He was loathed initially for his faux-folksy stupidity (“fool me once”, “food on the family”, etc). Then he went and destroyed the middle east and murdering hundreds of thousands.

Look how @JLeslie describes this fucker as someone with “dignity”.

All I was saying with my comment is that there is nothing someone can do that will preclude them from being rehabilitated. It reveals that these people are all part of one club, and the parties really don’t care about anything. I do believe that the rehabilitation of Trump (at least to some degree) will happen when the next version of Republican monster makes it. There will be comparisons to Trump (“at least Trump never [fill in the blank]”), and people will reach out to former Trump stars who have become anti-Green (or whoever it is) and find common cause with these “reasonable” people.

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@hat Hilarious comment btw.

I guess there’d be no more wildfires in California because she’d blow up the Jewish space lasers.

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@hat Which fucker? Reagan and Bush? To me Reagan was the boogie man, I’ve said it before, but he did have some talent with diplomacy. Bush, at least he came out to say Trump was dangerous.

Both Reagan and Bush scared me regarding women’s rights, and Reagan was outright horrible regarding abortion and HIV. He wanted the SG to lie about abortion and he favored satisfying his Christian Right wing base over the nation’s health, because generally he and his constituents saw it as a gay disease.

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@SQUEEKY2 Don’t lump me in with the “we” who call them “fright-wingers”. It’s an abhorrent term which only serves to show your ignorance and refusal to alter or even see your bias in the least.

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I can’t see this happening. The only way is if someone like AOC was running also. It would have to be a repeat of the Hillary-Trump debacle where the right hate the left wing candidate bad enough to overlook how f’ing crazy their candidate is. If She became president it would probably not look like Trump’s presidency. Trump was just competent enough to be dangerous. I think MTG would get in over her head so fast that she would have to resort to her staff leading her by the hand like our current POTUS. Her dialog would be divisive though. That causes plenty of damage in itself. The real damage goes unseen, ineffective leadership and bad decisions that we live with for generations.

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@smudges It’s a pretty cringe term, but “abhorrent”, really? That’s like saying “Democraps” is abhorrent. Lol

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@smudges The republicans spread fear among public and you know it,if you vote democrat it’s just a short step to full blown communism and there goes all your freedoms.
And you tell me to call them fright wingers is ignorant,guess I don’t believe in jewish laser beams from outerspace among the countless other conspiracy theories they believe in.

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@Demosthenes It was a term that popped into my mind and once there, I couldn’t think of anything else! So ok…offensive. ;)

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Probably the same thing that happened when Trump was elected. The deep state would generate all sorts of false accusations, the media and the Democrats would blow it all out of proportion, it would be 24/7 reporting on all channels, and in the end, the country would stagnate because of the fear, not because of anything she did.

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@SQUEEKY2 Your bias is bustin’ loose at the seams! Of course the dems are little angels. btw, I vote democrat

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@smudges I never said they were little angels, they have a lot of faults I have heard the term Lib/tard more than once.

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As for my bias when it comes to Marjorie Green, or the Don Father then yeah my bias is busting loose.

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@hat Personality wise, Bush is one of the most mild mannered politicians ever. That’s why he was rehabilitated by a lot of liberals. Because he’s not a loudmouth or overtly narcissistic.

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@SQUEEKY2 Nevermind. You’re as blind as you claim they are.

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Regarding “fright-wingers,” I don’t like any of the terms and nicknames that persistently distort a name or title, whether it’s this one or “libtards” or “tRump” or “Republicons” or any of the rest of them, in politics or out. I don’t care who they’re meant to insult, they’re not clever, cute, funny, or meaningful. They’re just assaults on the language, all of them ugly and cringe-worthy.

And this is one of the ones that cause you to spend longer saying the word, not a plus in my estimation.

As for the original question, I think a realistic concern would be to ask what would have to happen to the country to even make it possible for someone like Greene to be elevated to the top office. If Trump himself is someone like Greene, then it’s already happened, and we’ve seen what that looks like. After Trump was elected, I swore never again to say “At least it can’t get any worse,” which is what I said after Bush 2.

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Have you seen Escape from LA?

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