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What could be causing my Roku to freeze and restart?

Asked by beancrisp (1206points) 1 month ago

My Roku freezes and restarts during ads when I am streaming HBO Max and Peacock. I have contacted Roku, HBO and Peacock and did all the things they recommend. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the apps. I’ve reset my router. I’ve reset my modem. I even did a factory reset on my Roku. My wifi signal strength is excellent. My internet speed is around 25 Mbps. I have no problems with any other apps such as Hulu and YouTube. It only happens with HBO and Peacock.

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It’s a known issue with the HBO Max app. Did a quick Google search, and there are tons of references to this issue. Here’s one.

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I had a problem with freezing on my Hisense TV when using YoutubeTV through the youtube app that the TV comes with. Regular youtube worked fine and so did Netflix. It only happened on youtubeTV when watching live TV or a recording that had been done less than 24 hours before, and was fine with older recordings.

I tried everything I read online and what just seemed like it should work intuitively, but nothing worked. I finally broke down and bought an Amazon Stick and it works fine. I know nothing about Roku or if my experience might apply to your problem.

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Particularly because of what @hat wrote, this sounds to me (software engineer, has worked on media streaming stuff), like it is their bug/issue. Your own devices (Roku, router, Internet connection, etc) are probably all fine. So probably all you can do is either avoid those services, pre-record their content somehow, or suffer through those delays until they fix their issues on their end.

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