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Do they make programmable auto on and off portable heaters?

Asked by Djay67 (52points) 1 month ago

Is there such thing as a portable heater that you can program to turn on and off at specific times? I’ve search the web unsuccessfully so if there is would anyone be able to provide a link for me to check it out.

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I am unaware of a programmable heater, but you can easily get a programmable outlet. You program the outlet and plug the heater into it, and it only runs when the set time is happening. There are also WiFi enabled plugs you can buy and operate with your phone.

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Just get an outlet timer with a big enough capacity for your heater.

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I have this one which has auto shut off. I bought it last year but it’s presently $58.99 at Costco (which is where i bought mine). You don’t need to be a member to buy this item from Many people don’t realize that you don’ t need to be a member to purchase most items from their website.

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Yes. Every one I’ve ever seen had a temp control and the unit turned on and off based on temp.

Also, in the USA, I believe that now they all have to auto turn off if the heater is knocked over.

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