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If someone gave you the wallet that you dropped on the sidewalk what would you say?

Asked by chefl (917points) October 6th, 2022

On the sidewalk or wherever. What should anyone say?

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I’d say “Thanks!”

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Thank you.

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What else but “Thank you”? Or maybe “Oh, thank you so much!”

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Thank you very much!

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Thank you, here’s a twenty for being a stand up human.

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Thank you.

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TJ Hooker/ All my money better still be in here, or it’s lights out for you, SCUM! /BJ Honker. ;-o

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Thank you so much!

If I dropped it, and had already left the area, and they made efforts to get it back to me, I would probably try to offer them some money.

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“Thank you.”

“Why are you naked?”

(the second one may not apply in all cases.)

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“That took you long enough….”

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“Thank you” and then make sure it is not part of the found wallet scam.

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How much cash did you leave me?

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Did you find my contacts while you were down there?

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Oh, thank you! (thinking to self…but I only carry a purse)

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“Cheers m’dears”

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It has happened to me. I say thank you.

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