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Can some one tell me the best place to buy factory-direct spatulas in the US?

Asked by Blackwater_Park (7043points) October 7th, 2022

Looking for the best selection of quality spatulas

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You can find the very best spatulas of highest quality and price for any occasion here

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Hilarious. Especially as an engagement gift instead of a ring.

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Oh yeah she will flip over this!

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Well it better than a vacuum cleaner for an anniversary present.

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Sorry – you have to go to Bangalore for the best spatulas.

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From the spatula factory!

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I came here to answer this question with a link to Spatula City, and when I saw someone beat me to the punch I was going to congratulate them. But then I noticed it was just the OP answering his own question. You set up your own joke. That takes alot of the cool off of it.

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This where I meant to put, “There’s a spammer in the works!”

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Spam! Just what we need to test the spatula!

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@janbb too bad someone put a wrench into your plans to quote John Lennon

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^^ Yeah, that was the reference.

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@Entropy the setup is my attempt at humor, not the link.

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