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Is it true that the turkey that Sarah Palin pardoned was accidentally slaughtered on live TV years ago?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24543points) October 6th, 2022

Just wondering.

Humor welcome.

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She probably had it slaughtered on purpose and then ate it.

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According to The WaPo in 2008 it probably wasn’t the turkey that she pardoned, but one of his BFFs!!! There’s supposed to be a YT video showing exactly what happened. I didn’t search for it because I didn’t want to watch the execution…you’re on your own there!!!

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A beastly miscarriage of justice there.

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I lied…Actually I didn’t…I just couldn’t stand not knowing!!! Here is the video so you can see for yourelf…Sarah at her finest!!!

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What a heartless woman. The pride of the GOP no doubt.

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^ Of course she was…& thinks that she still is!!!

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Palin is lucky that she was not chosen as the turkey.

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There are no accidents. God willed Sarah Palin to behead the animal.

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^^^ HaHaHaHaHaHa

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Just make her go away.

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