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Is anyone navigating persistent health issues related to COVID?

Asked by Cupcake (16190points) October 11th, 2022

Hopefully you’ve heard of Long COVID, or Post COVID Conditions ( From what I understand, these long-term effects can result from either active COVID infection (even asymptomatic) or COVID vaccines/boosters.

For me, I have been dealing with debilitating health problems since receiving the COVID booster in early December 2021. Every system in my body appears to be impacted (brain fog/cognitive impairment, pain, weakness, post-exertional malaise, extreme fatigue, shortness of breath, orthostatic tachycardia (POTS), GI problems, hormonal issues, acne, anxiety, sleep disruptions, numbness/pins-and-needles in extremities, weight gain).

I rarely leave the house, rarely drive the car, don’t go out alone, shower (in a shower chair) maybe once a week, sleep up to 12 hours a day, don’t do any housework, and don’t take care of my elementary school-aged children.

Before becoming disabled, I finished my PhD in public health, moved across the country, and started a job as a health services researcher. My job has been extremely accommodating, since I have moved back across the country again and can only work from home ~half-time. But I fully believe that I need to stop working to see if long-term rest will help me to have any meaningful and sustainable improvements.

Additionally, my middle child has been nauseous and low energy since having COVID in March of this year. He comes home covered in sweat and exhausted after school days with PE (we used to call it gym). I worry that he has a milder version of whatever I have.

Anyway, enough about me. Is anyone else dealing with persistent health issues related to COVID infection or vaccination?

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I am so sorry to read you’ve got this debilitating situation. HUGS

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So sorry !

We have not had this issue but also have not had COVID-19 in the household.

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Yes but they’re clearing up.

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Oh, I am so sorry to hear you are having to deal with these issues. My family and I are, for now, Covid free. (((HUGS)))

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I just saw Chris Cuomo on his new show talking about this. He has long covid, I don’t remember his symptoms. He had a doctor/researcher on the show who is researching long covid, and the doctor and Chris both said there appears to be a lack of attention and research to try to figure out what is going on. Chris made a commitment to keep his attention on research and he said people write him all the time about their own symptoms from long covid. I think he has a twitter account and facebook page. He also has a call-in segment on his new show.

Did you or your doctor report to VAERS about the timing of your symptoms following your vaccination? Did the FDA follow up with you?

I had the flu back in late January 2020, and I developed recurrent nausea afterwards. Before that I was never nauseas unless I had a specific illness that causes nausea like norovirus or food poisoning. It was pretty bad for many months. I still have it, but it happens less often, and it is not as severe. I only mention it because I find it interesting after hearing your son’s symptoms. I wasn’t diagnosed with flu, but I had classic flu symptoms and so did my husband (he caught it from me) and flu was huge in the area.

I have not had covid. I received three shots so far and had an immediate rare reaction each time, the first time the most severe, but don’t seem to have any persistent side effects from the vaccines.

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I think the research is happening, it just moves very slowly. Also, some Long COVID research centers have (in my opinion) overly-restrictive admission guidelines. I get most of my info from medical, disability, and Long COVID twitter.

No VAERS report. You and I talked about me doing it myself, but I know that self-report doesn’t carry the same weight.

Chronic nausea is so awful. Poor kiddo sleeps with a bucket next to his bed and is awake sitting over it late at night sometimes.

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I am grateful, though, that all of my healthcare providers have accepted, without question or eyeroll, that all of this happened after (i.e., as a result of) the vaccine. It helps me to feel heard and validated.

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I am actually phobic about throwing up, and as a kid my phobia was more intense, so I cannot even imagine what it is like for him as a child.

I took Prilosec over the counter for two weeks and it seemed to help with the nausea. I did not have heartburn. I only took the drug for two weeks, because I had some kidney damage from a medication a few years ago, and so I am careful with drugs that strain the kidneys. I knew the first pill that it was doing something. I think for sure within a week he would know if it was helping.

If it is approved for children maybe you want to try it? I don’t remember if it can be cut in half or if it was a capsule. My mind is like a sieve! The OTC is half the dose of the script, but maybe there is even a lower dose for kids than the OTC. Of course, discuss it with his doctor if you want to try it.

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My brother’s business partner and his wife got covid in the beginning. Probably early in 2020. He recovered, but she has most of the symptoms that you described.

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I have some things going on but not clear whether to attribute them to Covid or not.

A friend of a friend has Long Covid and brain fog, exhaustion, etc.

I’m so sorry to read about yours!

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My mom got Covid in May. Got fever and cough but that went away quickly. Then got muscle weakness (can’t get up) and severe GI problems over the next 2 months. That necessitated selling her home and moving her to a nursing home. Muscle weakness is finally going away – 4 months later.

For me, I got symptoms one by one also: sore throat, fever, runny nose, tiredness, high heart rate. I was done with most symptoms after a week but my resting heart rate was high for 3 weeks.

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OMG @RocketGuy (((HUGS))) :(

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I wanted to clarify the Prilosec helped ongoing even after I stopped taking it.

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@RayaHope – thanks. Covid made my summer harrowing and expensive. Luckily my brother helped share the cost, and his wife had experience with setting up elder care (she dealt with her mom’s stroke recovery and re-homing). Covid is no joke!

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