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Are you a vain person?

Asked by jca (36010points) September 20th, 2008

Are you vain about any physical aspects of yourself?

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If I was, I’d use my real name in here.

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“I used to be conceited, but now I’m perfect ;}”

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I think I’m okay, but I’ve been told by others that I am beautiful. Those people are obviously insane. I’ve got a great head of hair and beautiful tattoos—those are my assets.

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I guess, to an extent. not in an obnoxious narcissistic way.. but on those seldom days where my skin or hair is looking good I just can’t help glancing in every mirror that I walk by :)

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Yes, totally. I’m a redhead and while I like to think that I’m not horribly vain, I know that when it comes to my hair, I kind of am. (But there’s a lot of it, it requires a lot of attention!)

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I used to be very vain, and wouldn’t leave the house without makeup on and hair done. I outgrew most of that long ago, and pretty much gave it up for good when I had kids. Now, I’m lucky if I get my hair and teeth brushed every day! I could probably stand to be a tad more vain than that.

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I feel a need to wear makeup or else i think i look too white. i am vain about my hair (i think it’s nice: reddish blonde thanks to the colorist, layered thanks to the hairdresser). I also have a new car that i think is nice (blue 08 civic w/tinted windows).

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yes I’m vain and get told I’m am all the time

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