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Which memory stick is better for PSP? Sony or Sandisk?

Asked by Fluther_Mania (25points) September 21st, 2008

I bought the Sandisk one, but people say that Sony is faster. Is it right? Thanks.

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I don’t really think there is much in it and for save games I doubt you could even notice the difference. Not worth paying the premium for the Sony IMHO.

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Simple answer – it’s the sandisk.

The reason is that the writespeed on Sandisks are much faster.

In the original firmware tools which required a lot of writes, if you had a sandisk, the reprogramming would take roughly 20 minutes. On a sony stick? over 2 hours. It’s a large difference.

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It’s just a brand. Unless one has a significantly higher write speed on it, otherwise, you wouldn’t even notice a difference.

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Which ever one is cheaper is better in my book.

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