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Is President Biden too old to run for re-election in 2024?

Asked by RayaHope (7048points) 2 weeks ago

I keep hearing this and was wondering what you guys thought.

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My personal opinion is that he is. There are some people his age who appear more sturdy, more with-it but he, to me, appears to be like he’s out of it. When he says things off the cuff (unrehearsed comments that are not written down for him in advance), it’s scary what may come out of his mouth.

Late night comedians who are Democrats, such as Stephen Colbert, make fun of him all the time. There are lots of YouTube videos of Colbert making fun of him. It’s hilarious and accurate.

I voted for Biden but I really would have to think hard before voting for him again. Of course, given the choice between Biden and Trump or Biden and DeSantis, I would chose Biden, but I am hoping he steps aside and lets some new blood step up for the Dems.

If I made comments about Biden being barely able to string a sentence together to friends (not friends here, but friends on FB, for example), they rush to his defense about how he has a speech defect, a stutter. I’m talking about more than that. I’m talking about his whispering, his babbling, his staring into the camera and not seeming to comprehend much. He appears weak and very old. Those are just my personal opinions.

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They would run an undead skeleton if they could.
He should be too old. There should be a maximum age for eligibility. 50 years is reasonable.

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I don’t know what is happening with US politics.

First the electorate voted for the worst POTUS in US political history by the name of Trump and then they voted Biden as their next President.

I have to say Biden is a far better President than Trump but how can anyone be worse.

However, in my opinion Biden was too old to become POTUS and at 80 now he is far too old to preside over the US for another 4 years.

Lord knows I don’t have a problem with Biden but he is no longer capable of running such a powerful country. In fact he has shown signs of his age in some of the decisions he has made, the way he handles himself and the way he expresses himself.

I just pray that the next President the US has is strong, fair and thrives for peace in this the same way that Reagan did.

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Not by law, he’s not. If you could do the job then age shouldn’t matter.

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I don’t think there ought to be an age ceiling. Some folks have razor-sharp minds who are much older than Biden, and others suffer cognitive issues much younger. I think Biden’s brain is mostly mush at this point. I don’t think he should run. Maybe it’s karma for sexually assaulting his staffer and then firing her, or fucking over the middle class with his bankruptcy bill, or ruining the lives of millions of black people with his crime bill.

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I just want to add that if Biden runs, I can’t imagine him winning the many debates there will be. I don’t think he’s fast on his feet (verbally), I don’t think he can debate any topics in a lucid and intelligent way.

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Biden was too old to be President in 2019. He walks. He talks. He’s almost alive. HA!

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Biden’s administration got more done for the American people and the climate than many other administrations! I personally don’t think he should run again and I see his weaknesses but I do think they managed to accomplish a lot and Biden doesn’t get enough credit for it.

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Biden is certainly affected by his age, but his election as President also brought into the White House capable and reputable workers.
How important is that?
Steve Bannon
Steve Miller
Mark Meadows
Sarah Huckabee Sanders
James Mattis

I would vote for Biden’s 20 years dead corpse before wanting those criminals back.

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Of course he’s not. But I don’t think he should. In order for the Democratic party to thrive it will need to move away from the centrist neoliberal policies and go more to the left. (And I write this as a centrist neoliberal).

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He shouldn’t run again, I think he is already too old.

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Yes, I think he’s too old. I wish we’d elect only politicians who are young enough to bear the full brunt of the natural disasters we’ll be dealing with after first using our planet as a trashcan and then setting it on fire so we can fund celebrities’ private jets and top managers’ private money piles.

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I’m pretty much politically illiterate, but I think they should get someone else to run in 2024 and start right now. Because we may get Trump again. uhggg!

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Could Democrats do better?


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Yes. IMHO he was too old in 2020…as was Trump.

Look, as much as we don’t like to admit it, human cognitive ability DOES decline later in life. Experience is good, but there are real risks and problems with electing people to such a pivotal and high stress job so late in life. And Biden looks and sounds impaired at least some of the time. Trump was impaired at birth. Both parties should find new candidates for 2024.

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If you had to pick one: Biden or Marjorie Taylor Green?

Does age matter here?

Younger age does not guarantee intelligence.

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@Jonsblond BIDEN!! MTG = (0-o)

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MTG won’t run for president. But DeSantis will. Assuming DeSantis can beat Trump, then you’ll have DeSantis vs Biden. I don’t think that will go well for the Democrats.

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@Caravanfan But Biden hasn’t declared yet and this faux pas (or worse) is weakening him.

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@janbb Well, yes. But the question was the hypothetical of him running again.

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^^ Got it.

I also think De Santis could win against Biden; hope someone else emerges for the Dems.

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I think anybody could win against Biden and he’ll make a fool of himself in a debate or interview. Dems really need to pressure him not to commit to running again and get some new blood in there.

Friends tell me “well, rather him than Trump.” Yes, of course, but rather not Biden and rather not Trump.

Biden looks to me like a good breeze will blow him over.

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@jca2 Well, if Trump wins the nomination, debates won’t be an issue because he doesn’t do them!

I would vote for Biden any day of the week over DeSantis as well; I’m just not sure he could win. But who knows? The Republicans are gonna be a clown show in the House for the next two years.

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The problem is the Democratic Party has been so effective at purging progressives from their ranks and preventing them from gaining a foothold, that it’s hard to think of a single candidate who could cary that mantle forward that progressive voters would trust. There was a time that I thought Elizabeth Warren could be that person, but not after the stunt she pulled in 2020. For me, the basic qualification is not taking money from scumbags. Are there any viable candidates in the Democratic Party that can say they haven’t accepted bribes to vote against the interests of the American people? The handful that come to mind are all new to politics. Maybe I’m overlooking someone?

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^^ What about the current Vice President Kamala Harris?

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@RayaHope The one who had to drop out of the primaries early because nobody liked her? The one who decided not to prosecute Steve Mnuchin (Trump’s pal) for illegally screwing over Californian homeowners and then took a nice donation from? Sorry, Kamala’s a piece of shit, especially knowing she locked up the poor mom’s of truant kids and kept people in prison even though she knew they were innocent for political reasons. I can assure you that Kamala would not get the support of progressives and would lose in a general election.

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@gorillapaws Oh I didn’t know any of that stuff. WOW…(gulp) I stand corrected :(

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@gorillapaws Raya is a high school student. Don’t be too hard on them.
I agree with you about Kamala, though. I’m not a progressive, but I am a Democrat and I live in California. I never liked her.

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@Caravanfan “Don’t be too hard on them.”

That wasn’t my intent. I’m hard on Kamala, not on @RayaHope. Sincere apologies if my answer came across that way, that definitely wasn’t my intention. I get frustrated with the current political landscape. We’d be lucky to have more young folks like @RayaHope invested in the democratic process.

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Yes, but so is Trump!!

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He should go home, take some Aspirin, and take a long nap. That old man needs to rest.

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@Pablo_03 lol! I believe you are right. Oh and WELCOME! Nice to see a new face around here :D

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Yes, too old. Desantis is the better option. Younger and smart and appears to be honest, unlike Biden family.

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@JK66 If I were to list 100 character traits for DeSantis, honest wouldn’t be there.
Deceptive, cruel, manipulative, and egotistical would. So would homophobic, xenophobic, and runt.

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Add racist, sexist, and an overall asshole.

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Desantis appears to be honest@JK66 OMG! Where have YOU been?

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