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Is there a website that will tell me whether it is sunny or foggy at Ocean Beach in San Francisco?

Asked by occ (4176points) August 7th, 2007

I love biking to the beach, but when it's sunny in my neighborhood (the lower haight) and looks like a great day for a bike ride, I never know if I will hit the fog belt as soon as I get to golden gate park. Is there a site that tells me current fog conditions for different parts of the city so that I can know if it's worthwhile to bike to Ocean Beach? Or Baker Beach?

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you can often check the weather online by zip code - if you type in a sunset zip code (94116 by the zoo, 94122 farther north, 94121 in outer richmond) you can often see current conditions

but i haven't used this much and i'm really curious to know what you find! (similar to my question -- someone should really make this!)

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wow, thanks helena!

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This is a nice page. It'll work in your browser, as well as your iPhone (if you have one).

SF Bay Area Webcams for iPhone

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Weather, or weather both can provide this information.

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