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What's the best place to watch the sunrise in the Bay Area (preferably near San Rafael or in Marin)?

Asked by zina (1661points) August 8th, 2007

view, obviously, but weather patterns (no fog!), comfort factor, etc as well

mount tam? wolfback ridge? headlands? beach? inland?

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marin headlands.

Not many people know that when you reach the top from the main drag, there is a small one way road that leads down to the ocean and the rest of the park...

If you follow it eventually there is a gravel parkinglot where you can sit in your car watching the sunset while overlooking the ocean...

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Hi Zina, I would try to get as high as I could. Maybe Mt. Diablo? Is that the highest peak? From where I am, Mt. Diablo looks barren, so trees would not block the view, and you would see the golden California hills to the east. (If you think that is pretty...?)

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I would tend to avoid the beaches, since at sunrise you're going to be socked in fog (this time of year) and the sun will be rising behind you.

Mt Diablo would be good, or Mt Tam even (which should get you above the fog bank).

San Francisco Sunsets are a lot more dramatic this time of year than sunrises, but again I'd avoid the coast since the fog starts to roll back in around 5pm!

Fall/Spring, coastal sunsets are amazing, ditto sunrises-- some places in east bay get some great views as the sun breaks over the east bay hills and lights SF from top to bottom.

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The top of Ring Mountain would be pretty great, I would think.

Down by the Larkspur Landing Ferry Terminal would be pretty good, too, I think. Both of those are quite close to San Rafael.

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