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What is your opinion on Jamie Lee Curtis’ choice of art?

Asked by rockfan (14230points) 1 week ago from iPhone

Jamie Lee Curtis has been getting a lot of controversy for a photo she posted on Instagram. What do you think? Is the controversy blown out of proportion?

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Okay ”cringe” I think she may have a problem. Good thing she deleted that post.

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I visited the photographers website and her work is really unsettling.

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I think if a male Hollywood legend had that in his home, he would be cancelled.
I was prepared to say something like “each to his own”, but this picture makes me uncomfortable.

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It’s creepy and I agree with @chyna.

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Photos of naked kids in boxes? They say art is in the eye of the beholder… not my cup of tea. I’m going to go out on a limb here though and give the artist and Jamie Lee Curtis the benefit of the doubt. It feels weird/creepy, but maybe there’s something behind the art that I don’t understand. So no judgements from me on this other than it’s not my thing.

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As an artist, I never question anybody taste in art. What may be right for you may not be right for some. It takes different strokes to make the move not to the beat of just one drum.

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The article reads as click bait and attributed the photo to the wrong photographer. The model is her daughter. It was a gift, so we don’t know if the image has been sold. It was a mistake to post it, but also our Puritanical roots cause us to sexualize everything. Can’t this be a beautiful and compelling moment between mother and daughter? Curling up inside a box is something we all did as kids. A healthy adult is not aroused by this, but for many it triggers shame about nakedness. JLC removed the post because it upset some people, but made no apology for it.

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I have no problem with the photograph.
It’s a naked human child, in a container filled with water.
Sexualisation to the max.

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I’m with @gorillapaws and @kruger_d on this. I follow her on Instagram. She’s an amazing woman who supports other women. There’s nothing creepy about her. I read somewhere that the photographer was a friend of hers.

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I tried, but don’t care about her taste in art. This is the nature of art. Each of us is reached in some way by some works. There are many possibilities. When I see something that gets my attention, it just does. I don’t have to explain it.

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Doesn’t the picture appear to represent a child in utero? It could signify many things, including the unbreakable mother-child bond and the fact that in some way we are always still being born.

I wouldn’t want it on my wall, and I think it was a bit of bad judgment to post it, but I don’t think it’s anything to raise a furor over.

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It’s fine. Not my taste, but definitely does not offend me. And the pic of the clothed girl on the floor with the white hat? Please…it’s not creepy at all, but I certainly wouldn’t call it art!

American’s emphasize nudity all the time. My belief is that we have many of the problems we have because of this puritanical obsession with body parts and nudity. A nipple is showing?! OMG…call the media! take pictures! front page! jeezus grow up America.

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@smudges It’s not just the fact that the child is nude, it’s the odd way she is in the tub with her head all turned weird and the water and the setting. Her face looks almost dead. That’s just creepy.

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Much ado about nothing. I bet Curtis deleted it because she thought it was something. Something was amiss because it was…creepy? Oh for…what if it was a photo of Michael Myers naked in a bathtub of blood on that wall? Would that fit more into people’s expectations?

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@Jeruba “Doesn’t the picture appear to represent a child in utero?”

I don’t know how I missed that. Yes, great point. It makes much more sense now. I had a feeling I was missing something (still not going to hang one on my wall though).

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Brain drained masses can’t handle artistic expression. But I also recognize people are cautious because rich people do bad stuff sometimes.

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@RayaHope Like I said, not my taste, but definitely does not offend me.

Art is in the eye of the beholder. So ok, that one isn’t your thing. That’s an opinion, like mine.
JLC removed the post because it upset some people, but made no apology for it.

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Evie is a conspiracy theory site that routinely spreads false and/or misleading information. If a “controversy” is being promoted there, you can be pretty sure it’s being blown out of proportion and not worth taking seriously.

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The photo was unremarkable in my eyes. Just a model posing in an unconventional manner for an interesting picture.

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There’s an innocence to children in sinks and plastic buckets. Limbs akimbo.

Dirty flip-flops in the grass make me think of summer.

This child barely still fits in that bucket. The last summer of being a child. That is a precious and fleeting moment. Jeruba’s reference of trying to return to the womb is fitting.

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