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Does a HPV/Pap cotesting hurt?

Asked by RayaHope (7053points) 1 week ago

I don’t think I’m old enough yet but I was just wondering if they hurt or what you need to do to have this done.

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My gynecologists always insisted Pap smears don’t hurt or can’t hurt. For me they absolutely hurt, and every single time. The worst for this obnoxious behavior were the men. The level of pain depended on how hard they dug to get their sample.

Here’s a description.

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Oh My that sound awful! They dig in to get a sample makes me cross my legs just reading this. Thank you, I’m glad I’m not old enough yet. eww

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I finally had one kind (woman) gynecologist who told me that digging to get the sample is completely unnecessary, because all they really need is a few cells. Regardless, I always spot a little blood afterwards.

You might want to shop around and talk to some gynecologists and find out exactly how hard they scrape to get the cells they need for the test. I wish you well.

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It depends on the woman, and the skill of the person performing the pap smear. Back when I was doing primary care I got pretty good at them but they were always a bit uncomfortable. I had a few tricks to make them less painful.

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You might want to ask your mom about this.

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In my experience no, not as long as you’re relaxed and don’t have any physical issues.

If you’re sexually active you should get a gyn check-up.

You might feel a small irritation on your cervix for three seconds. My experience is nothing like what @snowberry describes. Not that I doubt her experience.

If you are very uncomfortable when the doctor inserts the speculum let them know and they might be able to use a smaller one.

I was lucky enough to see a doctor who specializes in adolescent patients as my primary as a teenager, and she was great.

Places like Planned Parenthood are usually good, and also know your regular doctor might be willing to keep a separate chart about your GYN check-ups if you don’t want your parents to know, BUT your insurance might tip them off if they receive an EOB.

Age is not really applicable if you are sexually active. Sex means possible exposure to many things.

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Not uncomfortable for me.

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I never had a problem with it. I deeply disliked it—the speculum is a horrid device—but it wasn’t painful and it didn’t take long.

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It might hurt a little bit, it might just be annoying.

However, as a counterpoint, cervical cancer really hurts, and the constant procession of strangers tromping up the tunnel of love is infinitely more annoying than a yearly test, and the treatments for it can leave you damaged for life in a number of ways.

Grit your teeth and do the thing.

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No pain for me, they just cut a test sample. The scraping, if it comes back bad, is what hurts.

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For me…NOT painful, yet still some NOT outrageous discomfort. It’s a test that I’d just as soon not have…still, it is a very important test!!!

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It’s about 30 seconds of discomfort.

I look at it as pain is part of life, pain is sometimes necessary, and on the scale of things, that 30 seconds is relatively minor on the scale.

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Not painful. Uncomfortable and embarassing. I just stared at the ceiling and thought of other things
My OBGYN had kitten and puppy posters on the ceiling. That was nice of her. I would have preferred the periodic table of elements so I could continue memorizing it. But shrug.

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