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Are the women rejecting Beavis and Butt-heads advances actually protecting them? (NSFW)

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24616points) January 24th, 2023

Maybe sex is boring, and women are keeping the hope alive for Beavis and Butt-head?

Like Santa Claus and the tooth fairy?

Humor welcome.

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I don’t understand this question at all. I’m sorry to say it may rub some people the wrong way.

Generally speaking, women disapprove of heavy handed attempts to coerce them into sex. They like softer approaches that may be thought of as more romantic.

I’m sure many women have had advances paid to them that were grossly awkward and have laughed about them later.

But it’s hard to say. Just like men, women have senses of humor and appreciate it when a man can make them laugh. That’s tricky, because the man doesn’t want the woman to laugh at him. He wants them to laugh with him.

I may not understand this, because I’ve never watched that cartoon. I’m looking forward to some female jellies weighing in on the topic.

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@Hawaii_Jake Basically I would like to know why, in our cluture, men are portrayed to value sex so much, and is sex worth the attempt? Making out was fun, but anything deeper I didn’t enjoy.

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IMO, Men are portrayed to value sex so much because men in the entertainment industry understand that men (in general, generally speaking) think about sex all the time. We have a live wire between our legs and we want very often to plug it in. And if men watch such programming, the entertainment industry makes money, which is what they want to do.

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I was maybe 8 years old when they were cancelled… I think. So as a cultural reference it’s a little vague for me.

But I can attest from much more recent experience that men are dogs & women are foxes, women are from venus & men are from pluto, and men are hounds & women are crazy – because men are dogs ;)

But I’ll put more serious thought into how much Beavis and Butthead are responsible for any of that, and report back soon.

Or not.

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The women who reject Beavis and Butthead’s advances are performing a service to the world!
They are not allowing them to reproduce.

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Those characters generally inspire in me a feeling . . . that they should be killed. Or at least, their cartoon cancelled and deleted. Their existence and their broadcast, let alone their cultural presence, makes me somewhat ashamed to be associated with the culture they are from.

As for the question . . . they are examples of massive lack of empathy, consideration, kindness, decency, sympathy and sensitivity, all of which are more or less necessary for worthwhile sex, it seems to me. Having sex with them would seem like an equally massive mistake on every level. But their own lack of sympathy doesn’t inspire enough in me to be willing to reflect upon their points of view.

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@RedDeerGuy1 I think your further clarification addressed to me is helpful. Thank you. I can’t answer why, but you are correct. In our culture, men are generally viewed as rampantly seeking sex, and women are generally viewed as to reject men. I think it originates in religious culture, but it has been part of general culture for so long it has lost some of that link. I think it starts with the idea of the virgin Mary, Jesus’ mother. She’s held up to all women as an icon. She is worshipped and prayed to. Perhaps things would change if we could get over the idea that the only way for God to come to Earth was by some miracle.

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They’re just jerks and, no, sex isn’t worth all that effort.

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Never watched B & B – too low-brow for me. I’m like @Zaku, they’re an embarrassment to humans who value ourselves and our functioning brains.

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I’ve heard the names but don’t know anything about them really. I think there was a movie last year but I never seen it. Judging by the comments, I haven’t missed much. We don’t need anymore weird guys hitting on us or making us feel icky.
But as @Hawaii_Jake said I like a guy that makes me laugh and feel safe and happy to be around. There are a couple of guys like that. :)

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